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7 Budget-Friendly Online Bookstore in Malaysia

Books from online bookstore in Malaysia! One of the few socially acceptable items to buy in abundance. A source of personal growth, entertainment and… decoration. It’s okay to admit that last part – I like a nice book wall too.

Ever since I allowed myself the joy of owning physical books – briefly entertained the idea of collecting ebooks instead of books when #minimalism was trendy but nah I figured I need more screen-free time, not less – I’ve been collecting a list of budget-friendly online bookstores, which I’d love to share with you in this listicle.

My definition of budget-friendly online bookstores to buy books online from: they must have a healthy selection of books under RM30. Free shipping and/or additional sales/price reduction is a bonus.

Note: I’m excluding MPH Bookstore, Popular Bookstore, Kinokuniya Bookstore, Borders Bookstore, Times etc from this list because you probably know these bookstores already, and they are not known as budget-friendly bookstores, unless during sales or clearance events.

Here we go. This list is not in any particular order.

#1 – Bookurve.com

Bookurve have a good selection of popular books at a cheaper price, and the cashback system is worth it, but that’s not why I included them here. For bargains, check out their Used Book section, and also their mystery boxes in fiction and non-fiction categories.

>>Buy books from Bookurve.com. You can also trade-in your old books for discounts. More info here.

#2 – Big Bad Wolf Books

You already know this baddie. As much as I love the experience of picking books from their annual warehouse sales, I also love the fact that I can buy books easily from their Shopee page.

>>Buy books from Big Bad Wolf Books Shoppe

#3 – BookXcess Online

Bookxcess Online is the sibling of #2, also well-known for stocking random books.

>>Buy books from BookXcess Online

#4 – BooksnBobs

If you enjoy sifting through random piles of books and discover one-off treasures that you can’t get anywhere else, you’ll like BooksnBobs. It reminds me of the times when I used to go to book warehouse sales organised at YMCA KL.

>>Buy books from BooksnBobs. You can also sell your books, more info here.

#5 – Buku-Buku Effi

If you like BookXcess, you’ll like Buku-Buku Effi! Lots of really good titles offered over at their Shopee page.

>>Buy books from Buku-Buku Effi

#6 – Gerak Budaya

Gerak Budaya has a lot of affordable Malaysian books, especially in the Sale section! Sometimes I feel bad because I have more Western (and predominantly white and male authors) on my bookshelves, when I am a proud South-East Asian. Need to put more effort into reading locally produced books.

>>Buy books from Gerak Budaya website or Gerak Budaya Shopee store

#7 – Buku Fixi

And last but not least, I must include Buku Fixi for their contemporary Malay-language books (and a smaller selection of English books). I love that they don’t shy away from ‘sensitive’ topics, like religion and sexuality.

>>Buy books from Buku Fixi Shopee store

Any other budget-friendly online bookstore in Malaysia to suggest?

Don’t suggest Book Depository – unless the specific book you want is only available there, avoid. Deliveries take too long and time is money. Plus, your local bookstores need the money more than them.

If you know of other Malaysia-based options, share in the comments. Would love to add other places you get your (physical) books from in this list. Happy book-buying 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this list! I never knew of Buku Buku Effi so will check them out! I think you have covered most of them but there are quite a few, selling either new or preloved, in Carousell too! I don’t have any in particular as I normally do a generic search for the titles I wanted 🙂

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