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In this website you’ll find a jumble of things related to financial management in Malaysia: how to save money, earn money, invest money, and spend money.

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**Masterpost: How to save money in Malaysia**

Investment related: Investment terms | Passive income | What to invest with RM1000 | Investments available in Malaysia | What NOT to invest | Forex guide | Private Retirement Scheme | REITs | Bitcoin |

Money strategies: Personal loan |  Best way to pay off debt |  Zakat | 50 ways I save money | Maximise cashback credit card | Eat cheap & healthy | Cheaper prepaid hack | Beauty | Groceries | Raya | Fintech products I love | Fashion | Insurance |

Travel-related: Work in exchange for food & accommodation | Cheap flights | Krabi | Osaka+Kyoto | Ipoh, Malaysia | Langkawi, Malaysia | Saigon, Vietnam |

Earning money: Freelance writing | Freelancing tools | How I earn online | Blog monetisation | About self-employment | Paying tax for self-employed | Side Income ideas |

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Last update: 28 September 2016