How sex workers on Tumblr help to prepare me to become a first-time entrepreneur

This article was also published in Vulcan Post and The Financial Diet!


In case you didn’t know, Tumblr has an active sex worker community. They are the escorts, the strippers, the elite companions, the cam girls, the fetish models, the professional dommes and subs, the sugar babies and the spoiled girlfriends, the aspiring trophy wives, to name a few in the wide spectrum of what the community considers to be a ‘sex worker’.

omg *dies*

Fascinated with these women who are unapologetic on being sexual service providers, I followed a few… and was quickly blown away by their wit, charm, charisma and least of all, beauty. They are businesswomen, plain and simple. Here are some things they taught me, which helped me to prepare to be a first-time entrepreneur:

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