Saving money on Keto diet in Malaysia

So I’m on a fad diet.

The motivation? My (youngest) sister is getting married soon and I just want to look nice for the wedding. Vain reason? Yup. Totally. Not even gonna hide it.

I’m on the Keto diet. As in ketogenic. As in super low carb. Basically, I’m training my body to burn fat instead of sugar by eating more fat. Yup, I eat fat a lot to lose weight. At first it was hard for me to wrap my head around it, too.


I drizzle this on everything

Here’s a more valid source of information if you’re curious.

Combined with calorie-counting, cross-fit, gym time, and HIIT squats every day, I’m getting some nice results. Not enough, but not bad. I feel am stronger, too.

Fad diets tend to be expensive. Is it expensive to go on the keto diet in Malaysia?

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