How to Avoid Islamic Inheritance Laws in Malaysia

There are many things I love about Islam. But the default faraid laws or Islamic inheritance laws is not one of it. Islamic inheritance laws stipulate that male relatives shall receive at least twice the amount of female relatives (of equal standing). The determinant factor is literally… genitals.

Islamic Inheritance Laws is Not Fairly Implemented and That Sucks

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Have you talked to your parents about wills? You should.

hand-229777_1280Every other article about will-writing will start its first sentence with something along the lines of ‘No one likes talking about wills…’. Well I’m here to break that stereotype. I’m the kind of person who texted my sisters with ‘wei nak IC number cepat’ in order to fill up Borang KWSP P – Borang Penama aka the form which authorises my sisters to take out my EPF deposits if I die early.

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