9 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy Insurance in Malaysia

Everyone wants insurance. But barely anyone wants to be ‘sold’ one. This fact has exasperated insurance agents like crazy since the beginning of time.

I’ve been researching how to buy insurance in Malaysia for a while now. It started when I was in my early 20s, a good decade ago. And it’s time to compile everything I know *so far* in an article, for my own reference and yours.

Some notes before we start:

  • Insurance =/= takaful, but they serve more or less the same purpose – protection. I’ll just use the term insurance for the rest of this article, lazy la to type insurance/takaful
  • Yes non-Muslims can absolutely get takaful, and Muslims can get conventional insurance. No one will stop you (except the Gates of Heaven oop-)
  • There are many types of insurance, but in this article we’re specifically talking about the ones for humans, not property, car, travel or pets
  • I’m not an agent and my knowledge on insurance is limited, beyond what was shared to me from people in the financial industry. If anything below is wrong/inaccurate, please comment and I’ll edit

Let’s go-

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[SPONSORED] Investment-Linked Products, As Explained By the CEO of Life Insurance Association of Malaysia

As part of an outreach campaign, members of the financial media – including personal finance bloggers like yours truly – were invited to the office of Life Insurance Association Malaysia and treated to a first-hand presentation of the latest update within the investment-linked products industry.

Even the CEO of Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (or LIAM for short), Mark O’Dell attended the meeting. He’s like the top boss in the insurance industry. His background is very, very impressive. Happy to report he was approachable in person.

investment linked product

Let me share with you how LIAM explains investment-linked products. It’s quite clever.

Investment-Linked Products, explained using Nasi Lemak

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