SOCAR Review: 7 Tips to Get Cheap Car Rental in KL, Penang and Johor

So that happened. You sent your car to the workshop and will be carless for a few days. You have to go somewhere far and the Grab fare will be too high. You need to pick up a person (or an item) in person.

Either way, You. Need. A. Temporary. Car.

I get into one of these situations sometimes, and it’s really mafan. Usually I just bite the bullet and resign to paying high Grab fares but this time around I decided to give the car-sharing platform SOCAR a try.

And let me tell you. It solved my problem so well, and saved me so much money, that I decided to do not just a SOCAR review but also include tips to make the cost even CHEAPER for you. What can I say – I am a personal finance blogger 😀

socar review

Here are my 7 tips you can use to get the most value for money out of your SOCAR car rental:

#1 – Pick the cheaper car model

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