33 Thoughts on Paying Zakat in Malaysia

 paying zakat in malaysia

Disclaimer: Not a zakat expert. If any info is wrong, please help me learn by commenting (EDIT: all corrections added as EDIT in this article)

As a brainwashed Muslim (I say this with a bit of both resignation and pride – it’s a very odd feeling), I’m generally OK with paying zakat in Malaysia.

I accept it as a responsibility, plus I believe it’s a way for me to ‘cleanse’ my earnings. I was told early on that as much as I try to generate halal income, some of my money will not be halal due to imperfections of the system.

Here are my thoughts on paying zakat in Malaysia. I littered this with plenty of my own questions as well, but I hope it’s useful for you guys.

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Recommendation: Halal + Affordable Chinese Food Court in Ipoh

Do you like halal Chinese food? Not ‘Chinese Muslim’ food (although that’s nice too), but Chinese food in general?

Let’s face it: ‘halal’ and ‘Chinese food’ rarely come hand in hand in Malaysia. The easiest way Muslims can have our Chinese food fix is through vegetarian Chinese restaurants.

But I actually found a Chinese food court in Ipoh that caters to the Muslim crowd! I’ve been here at least 3 times, and each time I’m impressed by the food and the price. So it’s time to pass on this knowledge to you guys 🙂

The food court is called Restaurant New Hollywood @ Vegas. It’s at Lorong Cecil Rae, 31400 Ipoh.


Here’s the types of food they have plus pictures!

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