Breakdown of My (SUPER HIGH RISK) Investment Portfolio

Obligatory disclaimer: This article is for SHARING purposes only! NOTHING in here is a recommendation, so don’t say ‘Oh Suraya say must do like that’ HELLO I NEVER SAY THAT, LATER I BABAB ONLY YOU KNOW

When Mr Stingy posted his How I Invest My Own Money article, where he gave the complete breakdown of his investment portfolio, I knew I wanted to write out my own version as well.

Investment portfolios are like a reflection of our personalities. It exposes our risk appetite and maybe some traits as well (see: (Stereo)types of Malaysian Investors: Who You Are Based on What You Invest In).

In this case, I realised that while some of our investments do overlap with each other, the percentage breakdown is completely different.

So, I’ll be sharing the breakdown of my investment portfolio. Like Aaron, I also don’t feel like disclosing the total amount, just the percentage of each investment type.

Everything is accurate as of time of writing (July 2020). Let’s hope that the eventual market downturn will be kind to us *laughs nervously*.

Breakdown of My Investment Portfolio, %, & Risk Level

Here are all my investments, sorted by highest to lowest, as calculated and screenshot-ed from Excel sheet:

investment portfolio

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Beginner in Stocks? Check out this guy’s personal blog about stocks-buying in Malaysia!

Are you a stocks beginner in Malaysia?

I found a really cool blog yesterday. Dividend Magic is the pseudonym for a passionate Malaysian stock investor, who I found out is just 26 years old. He posts about the performances of the companies he bought stocks from, which is fascinating. There’s details about dividends received, goody bags from some companies, and annual reports.

Bonus: he covers his personal information with small bottles of liquor, and toys (Iron Man figure and a small Vespa), which cracks me up. I guess he was taking pictures, and went like, “hmm, better cover my name/address” and just looked around and took whatever’s closest to him hahahah

Look. Omg so cute I kenot.

picture credit to Dividend Magic

Because stocks always feel so intimidating, it’s nice to find somewhere to get that human touch, that human explanation, without unnecessary bombastic words and jargon. This definitely made my day 🙂

Go check it out his blog!

(Should I share my experience with stocks too? Very limited, but might be useful. Hmmmmm nak feedback)