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WANTED: Your Personal Finance Fiction/Non-Fiction Stories! (PAID CONTEST)

Money Stories from Malaysian: Volume 1 is a success, so it’s time for Volume 2!

Writers – doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or never been published before – come join this second edition of writing competition and submit your personal finance-themed money stories. Winning entries will be paid, details below 😀


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Personal Finance Writing Competition: The Details

  • Length: 2000 up to 5000 words
  • Theme: Personal finance
  • Type: Fiction and non-fiction short stories
  • Language: UK English or Bahasa
  • Format: Submit as GDoc link
  • Submission date: by 31 July 2019. Send it earlier if you want feedback and stuff
  • Submit to: submissions.ror at gmail dot com
  • Prize: RM100 flat OR a % of book sales within 1 (one) year. I’ll promo the heck out of you too.
  • No of winners: Unlimited (aiming for 50k words total)
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