Thrift Shop Haul #2 from Mr Musashi

mr musashi

I went thrift-shopping at Mr Musashi again, got some more clothes, and decided to post them all to brag show to you guys. All in all, I spent a mere RM50.50 TOTAL for 7 tops and a bag.

This is not my first haul from this place. I’ve written about them before in this post. Thrift shopping has ruined me. I get really good stuff for really cheap prices. Not all thrift shops are created equal –  the good ones should have: fitting rooms, clean clothes with clear price tags, costs less than RM10 per piece, and most importantly no crowd so you can check out racks of clothes in peace. I really like Mr Musashi because the clothes come from Japan (also US) apparently, and I like me some Japanese fashion.

Here’s what I got:

1. This top with understated geometric details

It’s more blue than grey, actually. Super flowy.

mr musashi

2. This blue-red stripe top

Thick material and super flattering to wear with skirts.

mr musashi

3. This basic Uniqlo grey top

Uniqlo basic tops are always handy to have.

mr musashi

4. This long-sleeve top with rainbow stripes

Not gonna lie – got it because of the dope stripes.IMG_20160623_092649

5. This bag, which comfortably fits my giant ass laptop

It’s the same shape as a typical Japanese high school bag, which I love.

mr musashi

6. This pretty black top which made my sister say ‘Kakya you look really really nice’

Thanks sis! (Considering she’s fashionable af, this is a huge compliment!)

mr musashi

7. This V-neck grey top with interesting bust design

Confirm cannot wear during Ramadan one.

mr musashi

8. (not pictured) Basic short-sleeved black v-neck top

Can’t go wrong with basic black top.

Again, the total cost for all 8 items was just RM50.50, which puts the average price per piece at just RM6.31. I’m super ok with this. Additionally, I can get super picky on quality as well so none of these items here should die within 3 washes.

There’s something about successful thrift shopping hauls in general that will puts me in a very good mood. I don’t particularly enjoy shopping for clothes, I am not fashion forward (nor do I want to be, seems like too much work) and I definitely hate spending too much money on them.  So its awesome to get many second-hand stuff at once, for cheap. Plus, help local businesses. Plus, reuse reduce buy used and shit, yay environment. It’s a big win all around.

If  you’re heading to Perak, stop by a local Mr Musashi. They are not in KL yet. I listed their addresses here.

Do you have a thrift shop to recommend, too? Put in comments and share please 🙂


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