Recommendation: Halal + Affordable Chinese Food Court in Ipoh

Do you like halal Chinese food? Not ‘Chinese Muslim’ food (although that’s nice too), but Chinese food in general?

Let’s face it: ‘halal’ and ‘Chinese food’ rarely come hand in hand in Malaysia. The easiest way Muslims can have our Chinese food fix is through vegetarian Chinese restaurants.

But I actually found a Chinese food court in Ipoh that caters to the Muslim crowd! I’ve been here at least 3 times, and each time I’m impressed by the food and the price. So it’s time to pass on this knowledge to you guys 🙂

The food court is called Restaurant New Hollywood @ Vegas. It’s at Lorong Cecil Rae, 31400 Ipoh.


Here’s the types of food they have plus pictures!

Ipoh is famous for a dish called Tauge Ayam. This food court has 2 tauge ayam vendors! You can get it with kuey teow hor fun 🙂


Because I’m on keto, I had to get low-carb option. Found this sup kambing- it’s very nice and spicy.


You can also get your Chinese kueh – here’s egg tart and kuih bangkit.


You have your Dim Sum vendor as well.

I tried this last time – not bad – there’s one there called pear curry or something. Delicious.


And your chinese fried stuff. You can’t really see it but they have: Hokkien mee, Sum Lou Hor, Fried Lo She Hun, Singapore Mihun, etc


I didn’t take many pictures because there were a lot of customers and I didn’t want to be rude. But they also have:

  • Satay
  • Asam laksa
  • Western food
  • Laksa
  • Wantan Mee
  • Capati
  • Sizzling stuff

So this is where I’ve been having my halal Chinese food fix. The vendors are nice, the place is clean, and the prices extremely reasonable.

Again, the address is: Restaurant New Hollywood @ Vegas. It’s at Lorong Cecil Rae, 31400 Ipoh.

Know any more halal Chinese food places in Ipoh? Let me know!

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  1. hey suraya, are you moving to ipoh? i saw u saying u bought a new place in ipoh or is that a summer/weekend home of sorts? loving your blog so far. very informative. I know of a shop near excelsior hotel that serves halal food and it’s prepared by a chinese family. Not too bad taste wise.

    1. Hey Zeehan,
      Actually, there are 2 halal foodcourts side by side. One opens during the day, another opens at night. It’s win-win at any time!

  2. Hi there Suraya – your blog is wonderfully written and I love that you r realistic in a humorous way – after a lot of deliberation, we have decided to take a leap of faith and “migrate” to Ipoh – praying by 2018. ( after living in Klang valley MY.ENTIRE.LIFE!!!!
    Somehow Klang Valley living is getting to me – in a bad way – exorbitant living expenses, frustrated people everywhere I look (it shows in the way they drive and park) – we are looking forward to having a simpler life in Ipoh – and using our rentals in PJ/ Klang to pay for our new home – when I read your comparison chart on living expenses between KL vs Ipoh – I had a feeling my food bills will definitely be higher than now – just way too much good food – and with your halal restaurant recommendation, my Malay bestie will be having fun with me – looking forward to more words of wisdom from u.

    1. Hi Angeline,

      I think you’ll like the change of pace in Ipoh 🙂 Beautiful mountain ranges all around, covered in fog on chilly mornings. It’s had not to fall in love with this city.

      Ipoh also made a pledge to be a ‘Social Business’ city – kind of like a people-first development thing – so in general it’s good timing to be based here and away from overcrowded KL 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words <3 I hope you find what you look for!


  3. Hi Suraya, thanks for sharing the Chinese Halal foodcourts in Ipoh. Helpful for my upcoming visits with my parents next month.

  4. Hi Suraya,

    Stumbled upon your blog while I was googling for my Ipoh trip this month. This is super helpful, thank you for sharing this recommendation.


  5. Greentown dimsum cafe near majlis bandaraya Ipoh also got halal certified fr jakim. I like the wantan mee served here, memorized me to wantan mee with chicken feet at pekeliling flat Kuala Lumpur. Although I dunno where the pekeliling flat uncle doing his business right now, this place also have a very good n tasty wantan mee with bbq chicken. Thank you.

    1. I tried Greentown dim sum. It’s ok but not memorable, can la if looking for dim sum fix. Never tried the wantan mee though, will order that next time. Thanks Syahir!

  6. Hi Suraya… The pix in your post is not Hollywood…that is Vegas during the evening time, Hollywood is from morning until 2pm…there’s a new pork free dim sum just across Hollywood/Vegas restaurant… Need to get there as early as 7am, else it will be a long queue & you may have to rush with the Hollywood/Vegas morning crowd for parking

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