Ipoh salt baked chicken

Recommendation: Halal salt baked chicken in Ipoh

Ipoh salt baked chicken

Ipoh is famous for its food. One of them is the salt-baked chicken. I’ve always wanted to try them, but no restaurants carry both salt-baked chicken and the halal sign. Until now. Guys, I have found halal salt baked chicken in Ipoh (also known as Ipoh ayam garam).

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Found it by accident when walking around during Urban Fest Ipoh. Chef Uni, the owner and chef was there and introduced me to his products. I have a very soft spot for entrepreneurs who actively promote their products themselves (not to say anything la, but too often, sellers just kind of sit at their booths and passively wait for customers). Chef Uni was like, “hello there, would you like to try the first halal salt baked chicken in Ipoh? It’s the first in the world.” I have mad respect for people like that. I knew I wanted to give his business free promotion the moment he said it.

Chef Uni. Picture credit from Perak Today

Chatted with him and his staff. From what I understood, he does not have a restaurant yet, but has a food truck. You can find his salt baked chicken by contacting him (and finding out where he’s selling that day). Here’s his card:

halal salt baked chicken ipoh

  • Chef Uni Ipoh Ayam Garam
  • Chef Uni Catering And Trading
  • Ahmad Khusaini B Mohamed Hashim
  • Director
  • 012-517 5274
  • sharonshazryna@yahoo.com
  • E6, Kaw Industri Mara, Mara Halal Park, BT 7 1/2, Jalan Tambun, 31150 Ulu Kinta

And a picture of the chicken (sorry, bad quality!). Came with 2 types of sauce: chili and soy. Both are good – I have a preference for the soy. First thought – huh, not as salty as the name (then my friend helpfully explain that the salt is the cooking method, not the main ingredient). Second thought – very herbal, you can definitely tell that its a Chinese recipe. Tasted healthy. Kampung chicken. It was very nice.

halal salt baked chicken ipoh

He also sells them to tapau/heat at home. One for RM26, two for RM50 (the latter might be promo price, contact him for more info). I’ve also seen the chicken sold at some Petronas branches in Ipoh, so if you want to buy them to bring back to KL or whatever, contact him for locations.

halal salt baked chicken ipoh

Highly recommended, if you are a Muslim foodie! Read Chef Uni’s Ayam Garam news coverage in Perak Today and The Star.

More pictures (all credit goes to respective news outlets):

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  1. wow, I need to try this dish now. Even I thought salt is the main ingredient. But the cooking method is awesome.
    dear Suraya, Do you know more recipes like this? I love to try chicken dishes 🙂

    1. Hi Manish,

      There’s a reason why this is a personal finance blog, not a recipe blog! Hahahaah no I’m as amazed at the cooking method as you are 🙂

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