thrift shop in malaysia

Haul from Mr Musashi, a thrift shop in Malaysia

thrift shop in malaysia

Thrift shops in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. They are also called ‘vintage’ shops (higher price point) or ‘bundle’ shops (lower price point). I wasn’t the biggest fan of thrift shops in Malaysia because I think they can’t compare with overseas ones. But I found Mr Musashi (FYI this is not a paid review) and I think I’m coming around a bit. I’ve seen it around while driving around Ipoh/Perak (update: locations with address at the end of the post), and checked it out a couple of times.

They specialise in ‘Japan and USA vintage clothing’, according to their Facebook page. I thought it would be fun to show off what I bought, all 6 of it. I have no shame in thrift-shopping 😀

My haul from Mr Musashi, a relatively unknown thrift shop in Malaysia!

1. This Uniqlo shirt -RM6.50

Cool prints yay!

thrift shop in malaysia

2. This grey top – RM13

I like simple designs with minimal embellishment, it will go with a lot of my existing clothes.

thrift shop in malaysia

3. This blue top – RM6.50

The statement – ‘It is a very good day today’ is surprisingly appealing to me. It’s like a hidden dash of positive energy that only I can see. I see myself picking an outfit, glancing at this, and nodding to myself, ‘yes, yes it IS a good day today’. Maybe with a chin rub.

thrift shop in malaysia

4. This striped shirt – RM5

I like stripes and I like pockets – this one has both!

thrift shop in malaysia


5. This red skirt – RM11.70

Adding some colour in my wardrobe! This one is almost ankle-length and flows great!

thrift shop in malaysia

6. This bag – RM13

This is probably the best bargain of them all. I’ve been looking for a bag that is a) rectangular without looking tacky, b) neutral colour, c) long handles, d) can fit my laptop and e) relatively high quality so it can withstand my heavy use. This does all of the above!

I looked up the brand – its a Yurie Nitani bag. While it’s not high end (one can hope!), it is extremely well made, if I know the Japanese quality well enough (I do).

(random idea – I think I’ll do a ‘what’s in my bag post’, soon, too. I have a minor obsession for organisation porn, and I love pictures like these)


What else do they have?

Let’s see… women’s clothes (blouses, tops, cardigans, shirts, skirts, pants etc) and accessories (mainly bags, belts and hats), men’s clothes (jeans, shirts, t-shirts etc), home stuff (blankets, aprons, etc). It’s weird that they also have an ‘underwear’ bin, eww, just ignore those.

It’s all second-hand. You can see minor wear and tear, but generally they are in good condition, not like the usual wares at bundle shops. As you can see, prices are very okay.

I also like the fact that it specialises in US and Japanese stuff and designs. Surprisingly, there were not many shirts with funny Engrish on them. You can get some recognizable brands (ie Uniqlo), but I think most of them come from smaller boutiques that is not popular here, but still good/okay quality nonetheless. All of mine had Japanese labels.

I am raving about this shop because I think they need more exposure (which in turn will keep them around for longer, to my benefit, yay). They have quite a few chains, and the ones I went to have similar clean layouts, attentive staff, clear price tags, good clearance sales, and even fitting rooms.

All in all, a very pleasant experience. 10/10 will visit again.

Prefer shopping online? Check out my online window shopping post for Korean products 🙂

Update: Mr Musashi locations (accurate as of 10 March 2016)


  1. No 7, Lorong PK7, Kawasan Perusahaan Kamunting, 34600 Kamunting
  2. No 9, Lot 5830, Jalan Perusahaan Kamunting, 34600 Kamunting
  3. No 44&46, Jalan Wawasan 1, Taman Wawasan Jaya, 34200 Parit Buntar
  4. BT3, Jalan Simpant, 34700 Simpang
  5. 6&8, Medan Station 19/4, Station 18, 31650 Ipoh
  6. No 695, 693, 689 Jalan Kuala Kangsar, 30010 Ipoh
  7. No 27, 29, Jalan Chepor Indah 23, Desa Chepor Indah, 31200 Chemor
  8. Lengkok Perpaduan, 31150 Ulu Kinta <— the branch I went to
  9. No 137, Jalan Silibin, 30100 Ipoh

Pulau Pinang

  1. 2A 6, Jalan Tasek SS3, Bandar Tasek Mutiara, 14120 Simpang Ampat


  1. No 22, Persiaran Kulim Avenue 1, Taman Kulim Avenue, 09000 Kulim


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    1. You never had Mr Musashi or never had thrift shops in Kulim? I would think the latter is impossible – so much demand for thrift shops nowadays!

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