Welcome v2

hyacinth-787841_1280Welcome to my new website, take 2! Yep, it’s still about personal finance, my favorite subject.

For those of you who don’t know, I used to write about personal finance under chickenflossbun.com. I had a mascot and everything. But that website was short-lived.

Because was I a nOob. After a year, I renewed my domain name but deleted the hosting plan. One day I went to the website and find that it was… gone. My face was like 0_0;;; I was going to correct the mistake and pay for the hosting plan, but when GoDaddy was contacted, they wanted USD150 just to restore it. Oh, capitalism… you bleeping bleep.

Seriously, you bleep bleep bleep bleep. Bleep.

Anyway, enjoy this second attempt. Some pages are still under construction but it’s going to be better than ever. So don’t be a bleep and share my content if you find it helpful, okay?


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