Recommended websites

Here are some recommended personal finance websites in Malaysia. This list is no particular order. The best of the best are labeled TOP PICK!

Note: I do not put people/websites that sell their own financial literature programs or books. They can do their own marketing and advertising.

Websites with personal finance articles

  1. iMoney Learning Centre (TOP PICK!)- Quality, timely, well-researched articles.
  2. RinggitPlus blog – Absorbed apparently. Good topics.
  3. GoBear Blog – Good topics. I like the financial products comparison tools, quite straightforward to use.
  4. JewelPie (TOP PICK!) – Malaysian women-centric lifestyle website with personal finance-related articles! RARE okay you guys!
  5. LoanStreet Learning Centre (TOP PICK) – Better quality articles than other similar websites. Like, really good.
  6. VulcanPost – Not strictly a PF website, but features new startups you should know and offers insider news about consumer demands.
  7. Compare Hero Money Tips (TOP PICK) – Mostly basic, beginner-y articles, but they get a thumbs up because they have great infographics! Check out the rent-or-own? infographic and ideal budget for millennials in the workforce infographic, to start with.
  8. Pakdi.Net – Malay centric, Islam-centric personal finance articles. Handy for the riba’ and inheritance guides.
  9. SoyaCincau – Also not strictly a personal finance website, but great for tech reviews and getting the most out of your money! Check out Best Smartphone under RM1000 article.
  10. Time Out KL’s Broke in KL Guide – KL-centric and consumerist-culture-centric. Free stuff to do in KL!
  11. Zafigo – A website dedicated to women travellers in Asia. Some articles about how much trips cost, and recommendations under [insert amount]
  12. The Vocket – In Malay. They compile fun topics that millennials like to read. I like the articles that directly or indirectly touch about money, like traveling to [country] for [amount], my experience working/studying/living in [country], and other budget tips and hacks.

Malaysian Personal Finance personalities

  1. Mr Stingy (TOP PICK) –  Features life improvement articles, including how he cleverly manages his finances. Read how he paid off his RM58k in education loan here.
  2. Gen X Gen Y Gen Z (TOP PICK) – He uses, compares, and ranks credit cards available to Malaysians. EDIT: Blog was closed down. I’m sad, but wish him all the best. Thank you for the generous sharing so far ;_;
  3. Champdog – A Malaysian who moved to  Australia. He shares his financial journeys there. Not especially relevant to me, but perhaps can help others in the same boat.
  4. Dividend Magic (TOP PICK) – Personal posts about the stocks he personally owns, the dividends he received, and some helpful explanation of terminologies!
  5. Ariff Shah – Malay-language blogger. Good information for inspiring first-time homeowners.
  6. Chok Leong  – Talks about his stock picks, shares, dividends, ETF, commodity prices (oil and gas), companies in Malaysia. I liked this article on how he opened a US account to get access to US ETF (exchange-traded funds) as a Malaysian.
  7. LynnRinggit – A personal finance website kinda similar to mine! Interesting ideas on where to open e-fixed deposit, saving money on Starbucks, and things like that. Check it out!
  8. Malaysia Young Investor – Gen Y (born in 1993) Malaysian. Invests in stocks and seems like a good place to visit if you want to invest in the KLSE stock market.
  9. Economics Malaysia – Analysis from ‘an applied and practicing economist in the Malaysian financial sector.’  A bit technical but very, very informational.
  10. Ringgit Matters – Personal finance commentaries. Props on the witty name!
  11. Kopi and Property – Property junkies go here. Charles inspire me – he updates way more than I do!
  12. TechCurator – Run by Vincent, a notable person in the fintech scene. He focuses on smart cities, fintech, insurtech and more.
  13. The Very Long Run – By Julian Ng of BFM fame. Great insights and thought-piece articles about the stock markets.
  14. Atiqah Nadiah’s money series (TOP PICK) – She doesn’t write a lot about money, but when she does, it’s good stuff – nice mix of reflection and self-determination.
  15. Money Talks Cafe – Chit-chat style blog by a Millennial Malaysian woman. Great writing style!
  16. GreyNautic (TOP PICK) – A breath of fresh air. Focuses on the philosophy of money. Deep thoughts, if you like that kinda thing. Born in 1993.
  17. Ong Shi Jue (TOP PICK) – Brilliant write who writes for The Edge Malaysia Weekly. Insightful articles on personal finance, amazing.
  18. Pakar Wang – Malay-language website with ‘how to’ tutorials.

Useful shopping tools

  1. Shopback (TOP PICK)- Note: referral link. Before you complete any online shopping, check here if you are eligible for cashback! This website is especially awesome for online-booking accommodation or travel. (Hint: buy your topup here and get cashback. Better with credit card cashback. Read how I do it here)
  2. Dealshelve (TOP PICK) – Like your groupons? This website lists all available groupon-type deals in Malaysia. Have fun and don’t go overboard!
  3. Offerstation – Lists well-known companies’ ongoing offers and promotions. I especially like the warehouse and contests listings.
  4. Mudah (TOP PICK) – Only one of the highest-traffic classifieds website in Malaysia. Don’t buy anything without checking here!
  5. Currenseek (TOP PICK) – Helps you to compare and find great exchange rates. The disparity feature is cool – it shows how much some exchanges are overcharging you! They also wrote about me here 🙂
  6. CupoNation – Helps you find coupon codes for online merchants. From my understanding this is a worldwide platform and newly launched in Malaysia.
  7. GrubCycle (TOP PICK) – Eat more for less AND save the environment. Kind of similar-ish to ApprovedFood (sells clearance food and drinks) which I loved when I studied in UK.
  8. FreebiesLand – Free samples, deals, BOFO (buy one free one), ongoing promotions, etc.


  1. Lowyat (TOP PICK) – Discuss and get advice from these fine folks at these specific forums: Finance, Business and Investment House; Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Loyalty Cards; Stock Exchange; Property Talk; Jobs and Careers. Great Services Noticeboard, Business for Sale page, and Garage Sales too.
  2. Carigold – They call themselves the largest money making portal in Asia, but take it with a pinch of salt – this forum is overrun with a) sensationalist titles and b) dodgy forex & MLM. Amid that, this Malay-centric forum is worth a browse if you need the Malay consumer perspective.

Educational apps

  1. Asukabu! – Originally from Japan, now serving the Malaysian audience. A way to ease complete beginners to the stocks market – they give you a company every weekday, give you trivia and recent news about the company, then you vote (or the canggih word for it, ‘forecast’) whether the price will go up or down. Over time, you build up your knowledge. Android and iOS.



  1. Hi Suraya,
    this is a great sharing on the recommended blogs! Appreciated!
    while looking through, i notice we cannot visit below blog anymore, do you know why?
    Gen X Gen Y Gen Z (TOP PICK)

    1. Hi mgg chng,

      You’re welcome and glad you like it 🙂

      Ah, GenXGenYGenZ’s blog. One of the saddest things to happen this month. He have recently announced the closure of the blog on FB, I think I was in denial about it…

      I’ve edited the section, with great sadness 🙁

  2. Hi Suraya!
    This is Mugunthan from Finatext Malaysia. Thank you so much featuring us on your blog!^^
    We’re constantly improving our website and app to serve our beloved Malaysians! Hope to get more reviews from you.

  3. Hi Suraya,

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    1. Hi BudgetGrid Admin,

      Thanks for visiting and introducing BudgetGrid, looks great. Unfortunately Android user here, but hope some iOS users can stumble on this, check it out and report back 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Greetings from Indonesia.
    I was googling about Bitcoin in Malaysia, and google stoped me here.
    I have a blog about bitcoin too (in English and Bahasa Indonesia).
    Feel free blogwalking to
    Thank you.

    1. Hi zsharer,
      Have checked out the page, good content. I try not to add people who are agents for financial products though, but will leave the link for people who want to check it out. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Hi Suraya,

    In order to help the new comers to have an easier and smoother start of their Bitcoin journey, we set up a website which pulls in the relevant information for a newbie.

    Our vision is to promote Bitcoin & Blockchain as the alternative solutions that can lead a better way of living for all mankind and with the mission is to help others to get have a better journey when they venture into Bitcoin market.

    You, as the renowned icon in the Bitcoin community in Malaysia, we really hope that you can visit our website and give us some constructive feedback.

    PS: We are really new and need support from you who have been in the Bitcoin market for sometime. 🙂

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    Best regards
    Sara (Founder)

    1. Hi Sara,

      What a cool website you have there! Who are your intended target audience? I can give feedback based on that. Initial feedback:
      – Upon clicking ‘get started’ on main page, opened a new page. Better if its in the same page.
      – If I’m new and visit the exchange listing page, I’d be confused. This page really depends on target audience – newbies will expect easiest places to buy from fiat (MYR or otherwise).

      I’m flattered you think highly of me, but I’m really still learning 🙂

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