Budget Update: October 2018

budget update october 2018

Budget Update: October 2018

I spent RM21,407 in October 2018. It sounds like a lot (it is), but almost three-quarters of that was a gift to my parents. I’m sponsoring their umrah trip.

When I was growing up, I heard how my parents – then newlyweds and financially struggling – saved a portion of their salaries every month. They told me the bottom of their car had a hole in it, and they didn’t even buy a bed until much later and simply slept on a thin mattress on the floor. They saved aggressively so my dad could afford to send his mom, my late grandmother, to hajj.

My parents have already completed the hajj, but they constantly talk about going back to Mecca so sponsoring their trip has always been in my bucket list. In October 2018, I transferred over RM15,580 so both of them could go for their umrah next year, in January 2019, under Tabung Haji. My mom was so touched, she cried. I feel happy knowing that my money can give them this kind of happiness.

What do you save up for your parents? Is there something you know for sure they’ll appreciate?

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22 of Your Best Discussions from RoR Mini-Forum, Compiled

Every week, I host a mini-forum over at the Ringgit Oh Ringgit Facebook page. This has been a regular occurrence for over a year now.

I’ve always enjoyed the discussions and comments, but always thought, oh sayangnya these comments will be lost in time in Facebook.

Then I’m like, what am I talking about. I have a website. I can compile the good threads in one place for easy reference! I’m compiling only the best of the best here, only the discussion threads with lots of quality comments.

Here there are, sorted by topic. Click to read whichever piques your interest, and go ahead and add YOUR comments in as well!

(p/s – blame FB for not able to easily show/read the comments section here. I tried.)

Topic: Investing

Topic: Property

Topic: General

Topic: Travel

Topic: Phone

Topic: Clothes

Topic: Food

Topic: Technology

Topic: Shopping

Topic: Frugal lifestyle

Bonus question: What mini-forum ideas do you have?  Comment here (at the website’s comments section) – I can post them at the Ringgit Oh Ringgit Facebook page so more people can answer 🙂