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Money Lover Review (Expense-tracking app)

A lot of people asked me recently about the app I use to track my expenses. To the best of my ability, I answered them personally – I use an app called Money Lover. It is available for Android, Apple, and Windows platform. They use the freemium model – free use, pay to unlock features. Here is the website.

There’s many reason why I love the Money Lover app more than other types of expense tracking app. I’ve been tracking my expenses for a while (~10 years, give or take), and I’ve used the pen+paper method, custom Excel spreadsheets, and many other expense-tracking apps.

First up, free expense tracking apps exists. But as of mid 2014 when I stopped using the free ones and used Money Lover exclusively, the free ones suck. The apps would freeze, or it would limit features, or it’s simply not user-friendly enough.

Secondly, I maintain that the best expense tracking method is the method that works best for  you. If you are comfortable with the abacus, go for it (lol).

Here is my Money Lover review, as the 9 things I personally love about the app.

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Cat costs in Malaysia

I’ve wanted a cat for the longest time, but couldn’t – my previous condominium forbade pets although some people obviously kept pets double standards booo.

Now free to do so in Ipoh, I’ve researched SPCA with the full intention of adopting a cat, but I haven’t exactly done it. Kept putting it off. Standard excuse – life.

I guess the universe really wants me to have that cat because she came into my life last night.

Update: …he

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