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[SOLD OUT] How to Buy Your Own Damn Insurance Workshop on 21 Jan 2023, 10am-12pm

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>>Link to purchase<<< RM15 Discount available for those who bought Bergaji & Pokai book 😀

On Saturday night, I tweeted this out.

And it quickly took off. Over 100 RTs and 700 likes in less than a day!

Alright, I guess idea is validated and you do want to learn this skill. So let’s do it, let’s learn how to buy your own damn insurance!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to find out what types of protection you need and how much they cost
  • Which companies to buy protection products from, and whether you should buy directly (online) or through insurance agents
  • What protection features are good to have and what’s (mostly) gimmick
  • How to read your policy documents and organise for easier review [FREE template to organise your insurance included]

You should attend the workshop, if:

  • You WANT to buy insurance but want to avoid ‘being sold to’. You just want to learn about it from a neutral third party (Note: I am not an insurance agent and have no affiliation with any insurance companies)
  • You’re afraid of being sold the wrong products – just want to research and make the products selection yourself and/or meet the agent already somewhat informed
  • Insurance buying overwhelms you and the idea of someone hand-holding you through this process feels right. It calms you down
  • You have random questions about personal finance – I consume way too much personal finance content and 99.9% sure I can answer or point you in the right direction

Note: Recording will be provided for those who can’t attend the live session. You can also submit Qs beforehand and I’ll do my best to answer during the session

You should NOT attend the workshop, if:

  • You’re not comfortable with being recorded. This session will be uploaded post-event
  • You expect me to know every single protection product from every single company out there. This is impossible – new products get created and retired all the time
  • You expect me to give tailor-made product recommendations just for you. This workshop only costs RM3x-4x. For personalised recommendations, you need to either meet an agent (cost: free upfront but paid in RM three-to-four-figures commissions if you bought from them; whether their recommendations are truly in your best interest is another story) or hire a financial planner (cost: RM four-figures upfront; generally in your best interest, includes comprehensive financial planning)

What to bring:

  • Your laptop, your phone, a notebook and a pen (for you to take notes)
  • Your insurance policies, compiled in a google drive, if any (this is for your own reference, I won’t look)

The workshop will be personally conducted by myself, Suraya Zainudin, the founder of personal finance blog I’ve been optimising my personal finance system for many years and have completed all 4 modules of Certificate in Financial Planning course 🙂

Note: I am *not* a financial advisor. This is an insurance-buying process workshop, not a financial advisory workshop. I can share the financial products that I use (if asked), but those are for sharing only. I have nothing to sell to you (except for the tickets to this workshop).

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, on first-buy-first-serve only.

Hey, you wanted to be better with money in 2023. Make it happen. Consider this an investment in yourself. See you there!

>>Link to purchase<<< RM15 Discount available for those who bought Bergaji & Pokai book 😀

Support a content creator, share this article :)

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