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How I Will Be Managing My Money During Trump Presidency

 money during Trump

Like many people around the world, I’m disappointed by Trump’s win in the U.S. elections. Personal reasons aside, what’s done is done. But as it stands, the ripple effect of Trump’s presidency will be felt worldwide, even for us Malaysians who literally live halfway across the world.

My personal opinion is that Trump’s selfish America-first privileged white people-first economic plan won’t work, and even if it did, it would be to the expense of the rest of us global citizens. A group of 370 economists – including not one, but eight Nobel-prize winners think that his plan is crap, too.

Still. If we can’t change his plan, we can still plan around it, until a better U.S. president comes along. This is how I plan to manage my money during Trump presidency for the next four years. I divided this post into three aspects of money management: spending, investing and earning money.

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Haul from Mr Musashi, a thrift shop in Malaysia

thrift shop in malaysia

Thrift shops in Malaysia are a dime a dozen. They are also called ‘vintage’ shops (higher price point) or ‘bundle’ shops (lower price point). I wasn’t the biggest fan of thrift shops in Malaysia because I think they can’t compare with overseas ones. But I found Mr Musashi (FYI this is not a paid review) and I think I’m coming around a bit. I’ve seen it around while driving around Ipoh/Perak (update: locations with address at the end of the post), and checked it out a couple of times.

They specialise in ‘Japan and USA vintage clothing’, according to their Facebook page. I thought it would be fun to show off what I bought, all 6 of it. I have no shame in thrift-shopping 😀

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Hack: How I cook (for RM2.86 a meal)

It seems that a lot of people really liked my post on my grocery budget, specifically how I calculated that my average meal costs only RM2.86.

Grocery shopping is a very personalised thing, so forgive me if I’m hesitant to ‘advice’ you on how to shop. I can’t, I won’t. You know your own tastes, preferences, habits, allergies, better than I do. I won’t impose a ‘do this, not that’ on you.

Having said that I will share what I usually put in my grocery basket.

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