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Hello and welcome to Ringgit oh Ringgit!


I’m Suraya, a Millennial Malaysian living somewhere in Klang Valley. I’m a writer, speaker and digital marketer-for-hire and dig personal finance. Like, a LOT. So much that I’m taking the Certified Financial Planner certification!

The problem is that the Malaysian personal finance blog scene last time was pretty much nonexistent oklah got lah but very sikit and not appealing to me, a Millennial. So for the longest time, I read mostly American/Canadian/Australian personal finance blogs. I actually got pretty well versed with Roth IRA and TurboTax. But I wanted to read something that makes sense to me, a Malaysian!

Therefore this website. Ringgit oh Ringgit will chronicle my personal finance journey. From the saving, to the spending, to the investing, and the safeguarding. I am: more of a minimalist, less of a consumerist, a konon DIY enthusiast, let’s support small businesses over big corporations kinda girl.

My motto in personal finance is this – My money is finite and there’s no such thing as having it all.  Above all, I will prioritise my spending and choose to spend my money only on things that add value to my life. Do join my adventures and share yours, too! PERSONAL FINANCE DISCUSSIONS IS NOT JUST FOR EXPERTS.

Looking at the current economy, goodness knows we need to get our finance shit together. Might as well make it fun right.

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  1. Wow, it’s kinda rare for the girls with your age writing about stuff like these. Mostly they wrote about fashion! lol..Anyway, keep it up girl…And Selamat Hari Raya! 🙂

      1. Class reply 🙂

        If you’d like to discuss fixed income and financial markets drop me a line, keen to hear your thoughts on fintech.

  2. i love your blog and in my own way have been looking at personal finance — you’re way better than me and so i’m learning A LOT — please keep on writing, suraya!

  3. Hi Suraya.

    You have a very nice blog full of financial tips. Totally love it.

    Personally, I would like to start a blog too. I am currently doing research on different hosting site, but I realised that most of them are quite costly. Do you mind to share with me which hosting site you are using and the cost as well?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Liew,

      Thanks for the nice words, that’s kind of you.

      Re- hosting website – I touched a bit about it in my writeup on blog monetisation. I went with BlueHost, which is recommended for Wordpress platform. The cost is also in the link.

      All the best and make sure to let me know when your website is up!

  4. Hi Suraya,

    I was searching for some blockchain/bitcoin related articles that were closer to home and somehow, I slipped into your blog. One post led to another, I hope you realised how sticky your postings are. Loved how well written (and well timed) they were and in your own words, hope you continue to write good sh*t. Better a good former than some meaningless vomit. ;-D

  5. Stumbled upon this amazing site whilst browsing through the net thinking about my 2017 new year’s resolutions. Awesome site, keep it up!

  6. found you very interesting to be writing about this topic especially now with everyone about make up and fashion and all that! haha! Gonna continue exploring now…

  7. I’m so glad I found your website! I’m a freelancer in Malaysia (millennial like you!) and I’ve recently discovered a terrible poverty in my own financial knowledge, especially when it comes to the Malaysian system. Thank God for blogs like these!

  8. I was searching for some bitcoin/altcoins related articles in Malaysia and stumble into your blog. It’s a very good write up. Btw, can u write in Malay? I’m looking for a writer!

  9. Hi Suraya,
    By accident I came upon your boog on finance.I find the articles interestin and stimulating.Avery good read.
    I was wondering whether you can haelp me with something.I have 50usd in a payza accoun.I would like to know the best totransfer the money fro Payza account to a banking account in Malaysia,and by the Paypal does not recognize Payza,so Icant transfer the money to Paypal.Have you any other alternatives.Your answers will be much appreciated

    1. Hi Radha,

      Thanks for swinging by. Unfortunately I don’t know much about Payza or how to cash it out here. Hope you’ll find your solution though.

  10. What a classy write up… stumble across while searching for bitcoins/blockchains…etc info. Btw, good luck with the braces. Can’t imagine celebrating raya without rendang.

  11. The Sharing of knowledge is full of goodness..
    Hopefully you.will be more successful, also always happy & Blessed with the abundant grace of ALLAH..

    1. Salam Rosly,
      Thank you for your prayers, much appreciated. Hopefully it’ll earn me a good spot in the afterlife, Insyaallah

  12. Dear Suraya
    Congrats for your profitable blog.
    Actually I am not Malaysian but I have been living there over 4 years for my study purposes. Now I have decided to come back to MLY and start my own business. I have many questions about investing conditions for foreigners. Now I want you give me a help and introduce me trusted persons who are give advises in the investing ways in the Malaysia market.
    – What kinds of investments are the most low-risk ?
    – How we can buy a franchise? …..
    thanks if you can help me

    1. Hi Reza,
      On your questions, I’m not the best person for this. I don’t know much about investing options for foreigners in Malaysia. Try out fixed deposits, if they accept. Those are safe.
      On franchises, check out the bookstore. I’ve seen magazines specifically for franchise options.
      All the best!

  13. Interesting! good to see more and more personal finance blog in Malaysia!
    Love the way how you put it all together in ringgitohringgit!
    Keep up the good work and hope to read more article from you!

  14. Hi Suraya, got to know your blog from DividendMagic, hope to read up all the posts soon and learn a handful of financial wisdom.

    Speaking of which, I’m a millennial too (a poor minimalist). How old exactly are you and at what age would you expect to reach financial freedom?

    1. Hey Kar Weng,

      I’m 29 now, turning 30 in 2018. Still defining what financial freedom is to me 🙂 I don’t know yet how much I expect to spend after I retire, what kind of lifestyle I want to commit to.

  15. Hi Suraya,

    I bumped into this blog after I met you in an Access event. Gotta say your blog is informative yet easy-to-understand, I like your writing style! I’m planning to create my own personal finance blog. Well, just for my own financial ideas and for fun!

    Your idea of self-employment really inspires me and makes me ponder about leaving my current job. Is there any jobs relating to blockchain or bitcoins in M’sia? People are seen excited because of the Bitcoin hypes rather than the technology itself. But I believe the technology will boost and fundamentally change everything we deal with.

    Anyway great content and happy blogging!

    1. Hi Wai Kit,
      Thanks for the nice words!
      On jobs right, I’ve seen a few job offers going around. The good thing is you’re not limited to jobs in Malaysia, the companies can be from anywhere and receiving payments are super easy. What kind of skillsets do you have?

      1. Hi Suraya,

        I’ve been working in automation industry for 8 years. Now I’m in charge of business development in the area of Industry 4.0. I posted in Access Facebook page before asking how the Industry 4.0 relates to blockchain.

        In the mean time, I’m self-studying the Certified Bitcoin Professional course, part of my homework to understand bitcoin and blockchain.

        Recently there’s an altcoin that caught my gaze called IOTA. However, the actual implementation has yet to be verified.

  16. Hi,
    Greeting from Indonesia. I happened to found your blog during browsing for trip Ipoh. I found valuable information, frankly saying.
    If you have spare time, please sometime drop by to my blog. Well, I mostly post in Bahasa but I think you cold get my story somehow.

  17. Hi Suraya, glad to find someone who writes about investment in Malaysia in a chillaxing way. I notice you’ve been reading about investment in the States.
    What do you think about Dave Ramsey? I actually love his podcast!
    I’m a Malaysian and live in Malaysia btw.

  18. Hi Suraya,

    Your blog is very informative and helping me a lot in managing my own finance.
    Great and easy to understand content.

    Anyway, i have a topic that i like to know which is related to Income Tax for freelancer, blogger and Full Time Trader/Investor.
    How to manage our income tax when we gain a lot as a freelance, blogger, Full Time Trader/Investor or through investment? Will the authority monitor our bank account when we gain a lot?

    I already google here and there but not yet found an article that is very informative. Hopefully, you can write an article about it.

    Thank you and have a great day.
    Keep Up The Great Work.

    1. Hi Ezra,

      Thanks for your kind words, appreciate it a lot 🙂

      On income tax, I can’t really give advice or anything like that here. Not a qualified finance professional. I only share what I personally know.

      So far, I’ve been declaring everything under personal income tax (I have sole prop and can declare under there).

      Try checking this article and the comments section in there. Might find what you’re looking for! You can also post uour Q there and others might chip in too!

  19. Hi Suraya,

    I enjoy reading your blog very much as it is super informative. May i ask what app are you using to track your expenses? As seen on your post your total income and expenses. Thank you.

  20. Hi Suraya,

    I stumbled upon your blog while doing some research and it’s informative. Can you suggest any investments options for the foreigners working in Malaysia?

    1. Hi Sajjad,

      Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with investment options for foreigners in Malaysia. I’ll look out for the info though

  21. Hey Suraya,

    Coincidentally drop by :). You did a great job in sharing Malaysian owned version of financial knowledge and established a great platform to share. Appreciate your effort in making the money matters guide to Malaysian as we definitely need more financial literacy community. Baby steps did help, keep it up!

  22. Hi. I started a personal finance/ investment blog about 3 months back,

    Today on the way to work, I stumbled across your name on BFM and I checked out your blog. I must say, that I am really impressed with your blog, and the success you have achieved.

    I would be grateful, if I could get some advice/tips from you to improve my blog and to really get my name out there.

    Thank you.


    1. Hey Gavinesh,

      Thanks for the kind words, appreciate it!

      Nice website you have there at I liked the post about falling into discount trap. Will share it 🙂

      Re: blog improvement. You’re doing good. Can tell that you put a lot of work into Ringgit Genie’s setup. Now is a matter of consistency. If you’re looking for visibility, then do what you can to improve on digital marketing too. This post about my blog’s digital marketing strategy might be helpful for you:

      All the best!

  23. Thank you very much Suraya,

    Appreciate your help in sharing my article.

    Also thanks for the advice on consistency and digital marketing.

    Will try to adopt the strategies set out in your blog post.

  24. hey ive read your post ! guess who just got a new subscriber ! loving your article . so simple yet understandable . been searching for something like this since i am a dental student and isnt exposed so much on financial literacy.

  25. Hi Suraya,

    I’ve stumbled upon your blog whilst googling on how to improve mine. I must say yours is so seamless, neat and cool! Totally enjoyed reading it even though I’m not into finance but can feel the relevance of it in my life! Good work and thank you!

  26. Just to share that RinggitOhRinggit is one of my favorite site in financial niche in Malaysia. Definitely worth to follow and series of how to earn extra income really help me a lot. Thanks Suraya.

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