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Hello and welcome to Ringgit oh Ringgit!


I’m Suraya, a Millennial Malaysian residing in Kuala Lumpur  Ipoh back in Klang Valley. I’m a writer-for-hire and dig personal finance. Like, a LOT.

The problem is that the Malaysian personal finance blog scene is pretty much nonexistent oklah got lah but very sikit and not appealing to me, a Millennial. So for the longest time, I read mostly American/Canadian/Australian personal finance blogs. I actually got pretty well versed with Roth IRA and TurboTax. But I wanted to read something that makes sense to me, a Malaysian!

Therefore this website. Ringgit oh Ringgit will chronicle my personal finance journey. From the saving, to the spending, to the investing, and the safeguarding. I am: more of a minimalist, less of a consumerist, a konon DIY enthusiast, let’s support small businesses over big corporations kinda girl.

My motto in personal finance is this – My money is finite and there’s no such thing as having it all.  Above all, I will prioritise my spending and choose to spend my money only on things that add value to my life. Do join my adventures (shameless plug: follow me on twitter at @surayaror!), and share your adventures, too!

Looking at the current economy, goodness knows we need to get our finance shit together. Might as well make it fun right. If you’re new to Ringgit Oh Ringgit, see my most popular articles here: https://ringgitohringgit.com/start-here/


  1. Wow, it’s kinda rare for the girls with your age writing about stuff like these. Mostly they wrote about fashion! lol..Anyway, keep it up girl…And Selamat Hari Raya! 🙂

      1. Class reply 🙂

        If you’d like to discuss fixed income and financial markets drop me a line, keen to hear your thoughts on fintech.

  2. i love your blog and in my own way have been looking at personal finance — you’re way better than me and so i’m learning A LOT — please keep on writing, suraya!

  3. Hi Suraya.

    You have a very nice blog full of financial tips. Totally love it.

    Personally, I would like to start a blog too. I am currently doing research on different hosting site, but I realised that most of them are quite costly. Do you mind to share with me which hosting site you are using and the cost as well?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Liew,

      Thanks for the nice words, that’s kind of you.

      Re- hosting website – I touched a bit about it in my writeup on blog monetisation. I went with BlueHost, which is recommended for WordPress platform. The cost is also in the link.

      All the best and make sure to let me know when your website is up!

  4. Hi Suraya,

    I was searching for some blockchain/bitcoin related articles that were closer to home and somehow, I slipped into your blog. One post led to another, I hope you realised how sticky your postings are. Loved how well written (and well timed) they were and in your own words, hope you continue to write good sh*t. Better a good former than some meaningless vomit. ;-D

  5. Stumbled upon this amazing site whilst browsing through the net thinking about my 2017 new year’s resolutions. Awesome site, keep it up!

  6. found you very interesting to be writing about this topic especially now with everyone about make up and fashion and all that! haha! Gonna continue exploring now…

  7. I’m so glad I found your website! I’m a freelancer in Malaysia (millennial like you!) and I’ve recently discovered a terrible poverty in my own financial knowledge, especially when it comes to the Malaysian system. Thank God for blogs like these!

  8. I was searching for some bitcoin/altcoins related articles in Malaysia and stumble into your blog. It’s a very good write up. Btw, can u write in Malay? I’m looking for a writer!

  9. Hi Suraya,
    By accident I came upon your boog on finance.I find the articles interestin and stimulating.Avery good read.
    I was wondering whether you can haelp me with something.I have 50usd in a payza accoun.I would like to know the best totransfer the money fro Payza account to a banking account in Malaysia,and by the Paypal does not recognize Payza,so Icant transfer the money to Paypal.Have you any other alternatives.Your answers will be much appreciated

    1. Hi Radha,

      Thanks for swinging by. Unfortunately I don’t know much about Payza or how to cash it out here. Hope you’ll find your solution though.

  10. What a classy write up… stumble across while searching for bitcoins/blockchains…etc info. Btw, good luck with the braces. Can’t imagine celebrating raya without rendang.

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