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Budget Update: July 2016

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July Budget Update Summary

Without the Duit Raya donation, my spending in July was not bad at all.

July had some… disappointments. I was hoping to earn more (always, jeez, what’s wrong with me? why never enough one?), but it was stagnant at best. Plus my neighbour decided to make me her enemy. She’s not a nice person. Slammed the door at my face. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. But thankfully, I’m not particularly affected by things like this, so life goes on. She can have her own battles, I’m just going to chill and still be my awesome self.

But July also had some high peaks and new opportunities. There are at least 4-5 new jobs for me, if I want them. A guy from a major media house saw my writing samples, really liked me and wanted me down in KL for an interview, and I had to say no (but he graciously extended the invitation when I do come back to KL). My Facebook page hit 300 likes, which is 299 more than I expected! I am a blessed girl.

So when you average it out, July was okay, good month.


Yay of the Month:

  • I had my first sponsored post with CompareHero! Is this real life? I always wonder what kind of blogs would get that kinda honour so I was shocked when this happened! And it felt amazing! I was so semangat, I poured a lot more hours than intended into this piece. Now I get to talk about blog monetisation methods, something I’m sure many of you would be interested to read about 😀 Read the post: How to Maximise Cashback Credit Cards.
  • Many, many people asked me about Bitcoin, so I wrote a newbie’s guide. Both Mr Stingy and Pakdi.Net liked and helped to promote it! My blog count this month is higher than normal because of them. Thank you 🙂
  • Aside from Raya, my No 1 budget-killer, I did well this month. My grocery bills were alright, my going out was cheap but frequent enough. Nothing broke, thank God.
  • Finally decided to replace my teeth guard. I have bruxism, aka teeth grinding. For a few years now I’ve been wearing teeth guard when I sleep, to avoid teeth and jaw pain. They usually cost upwards of RM300 from the dentist, but I’ve found a DIY method that only costs the teeth guard itself (RM15~).
  • My friendship with best friends from high school still going strong. 10 years! Love you guys <3

Nay of the Month:

  • I spent RM1300 on giving out Duit Raya alone. Oh jeez I’m trying really hard to be generous yet gracious, you guys, but RM1300. I cry wei. At least I had a good Raya experience.
  • So I’m trying to be smart, right. My Dad asked my help to sell a couple of his properties (here). So I thought, hey, Facebook ads might work. Not. One. Call. Kinda bummed about it.
  • Stagnant career. Rethinking my career choice. Or rather, career progression. I aim to earn RM10k by the end of the year, so I have some more hustling to do.
  • I smoked like 3 packs of cigarettes this month. Quitting. Again. So angry at myself, such a waste of money.
  • Needed sunscreen, looked for sale. Misread price tag. Paid RM38 per small bottle (grabbed 2). This happened earlier in the month but still bugs me 🙁

Things to Look Forward to:

  • I’m going to Osaka and Kyoto for a short trip, woooooooo
  • I’m going to be so fat  work out and diet better as soon as I come back from Japan!

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