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My 5 Rules to Make Beauty Products Affordable

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I talk about money and currency all the time – things that are valuable; that has value. Beauty has value as well, and this post is all about that.

Makeup and skincare are something I took up seriously early on, but never really mastered. I’m still navigating this world. Some women are really good at it, and I salute them. If you don’t, it’s worth trying – wearing makeup (or at least good at grooming) may help you to earn more money, according to this research. There is financial benefit in being more attractive, so why not? Worth noting: the effect is similar to men, albeit a smaller boost.

I have 5 general rules when it comes to beauty. It may help you, it may not, but this is what helps to make beauty affordable to me.

Rule #1 – If it doesn’t fit in this pouch, I’m not buying it

beauty products malaysia

This is my makeup pouch. It doubles as my travelling makeup pouch. It’s a good size – not too big, not too small.

My first rule is about space. Space for beauty products. Ending up with too many products is something I want to avoid even from the start.

So this helps me to visualise available space. I’d love to have a full set of makeup brushes, but nope, it doesn’t fit, oh well. Having lipsticks in multiple shades would be dope as well, but nope, no space.

I saved a lot of money with this rule.

Rule #2 – Moisturising + Sun Protection is Non-Negotiable

beauty products malaysia

This is what my mama teach me 🙂

My mom has really nice skin at her age. No sun spots, so much less wrinkles. She’s gorgeous, and I can only hope to look half as good as her.

She uses Murad skincare, which is a brand I really like, but can’t really afford. But I take the basic idea – sunscreen (30SPF and above) and some kind of moisturising product. I really like this Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion thing – it’s like RM40+, and people have been saying nice things about my skin so I’m going to keep using it.

I’m still trying to expand m skincare routine, slowly. It’s a bit hard because I’m picky- I hate fragrances in skincare. If you have a good product to recommend, please comment.

Rule #3 – Groom your eyebrows, it frames your face

beauty products malaysia

The first time I got my eyebrows groomed professionally, I cried. It hurts so bad, omg. But the effect was… noticeable… highly noticeable.

Here’s my eyebrows game: professional salon/threading (ranges from RM10-35 per session), then I stretch out between appointments by plucking stray hairs as they grow. When it gets too out of hand again, I go for another session. The products above are cheap, and I’d like my eyebrows cost to stay cheap.

My sister is really good at eyebrows. She has this brow tint thing, and this brow powder thing, and jeez her eyebrows are on point. I’m nowhere near as good, but at least now I can balance my eyebrows  most of the time.

Rule #4 – 2 Kabuki brushes = enough brushes

beauty products malaysia

I get tempted to get more makeup brushes all the time. ALL THE TIME!

But I’ve had these brushes for years and they kinda fill almost all of my needs so I always talk myself out of buying new ones. One for blush, one for face powder.

I don’t do am unable to do contouring, or fancy shading techniques. I should learn, because those things are goals. Use light manipulation on the face, whatttttt you clever witch you. Teach meeee

I have a sponge (not pictured), too, which helps me apply my concealer – but most of the time I end up using my fingers.

Rule #5 – Whatever you get as a present, use it up!

beauty products malaysia

The above are some stuff I received as presents from amazing people, for birthdays, Christmas, contest rewards, or ‘just because’. Thank you, you kind person you <3

I love my ‘use it up’ rule. My brain: Oh! That shop has sales! Eh, I don’t need another body lotion at 50% off, I still have them at home – that’s 100% off.

Sometimes I get really good stuff, too. I’m now a fan of Paul Panders lipstick, Bodyshop Satsuma Body Scrub, and Kerastene shampoo.

If you generally have a lot of products (presents or otherwise), aim to use it up. Using up stuff is a great way to make beauty a lot more affordable, and it forces you to think of what you buy because its a commitment to use it up.

Bonus: Rule #6 – Stocking up on clearance sales is ok, occasionally

No picture because I used up most of the products.

Like anyone else, I enjoy a good haul. I can’t/won’t do this from Sephora, but clearance sales are ok, if I can get a good amount under RM50 or so!

I’ve bought a lot of Himalaya products on clearance, and now I’m a big fan of Himalaya Walnut Face Scrub. (Something something don’t use scrubs with plastic beads they kill the ocean something something)

I’ve also bought a shit load of face masks on sale from pop-up booths. RM1 per face mask? Yass

Sometimes Jusco, Guardian and stuff have clearance on beauty products, which I’ll snap up. I’m talking about items that are 70% off, not mere 10% off.

I try not to do this too much because I know quality products costs money, but hauls are fun and an occasional treat.

Do you have your own rules to make beauty more affordable for you? I’d love to know tips and tricks! Please comment below or tell me by tweeting to me at @surayaror!

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