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24 People Share The Last Thing They Bought Online

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I can’t be the only one curious about other people’s online purchasing habits, right? 😛

Recently, I asked the RoR community on Facebook about the last thing they bought online. There were some really great answers, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share those here, because they’re fun to read! Plus, lots of money-saving tips too! You guys make me proud!

Bought Cheaper Items/Services Online

1. Gina Ee – “A face guasa board from Lazada for only RM8 per piece, instead of about RM20 sold offline. It’s a resin board made for traditional Chinese method facial and body massage.”

2. Chee Siang Wong – “A shower head. There’s a funny story behind this. I was in Ace Hardware and was about to pay for it. They were selling it at a discount (RM70+ reduced to RM36 I think?). When I was queuing up to pay, I checked the price in Lazada. It only costs RM19.71 with free shipping. Put the item back on the shelf and ordered online. LOL”

3. Fizz Cruise – “Petronas gift card at Lazada. It’s even cheaper than last time. Too bad cannot charge it to Maybank Amex or would have 5x treat points. So instead, I topped up my Bigpay card and used to pay to earn Airasia bigpoints. For this transaction alone, I got: 5% discount for petrol; Treatpoints for topping up Bigpay; Bigpoints for topping up; Bigpoints for purchasing from Lazada; and cashback!”

4. Hasyimi Bahrudin – “Auto insurance. You can get 10% discount, and another 5% cash back if you use the correct credit card. I used Maybank2Card AMEX, and purchased the insurance on a weekend. Only possible if the insurance provider accepts AMEX though. Mine does (Etiqa Takaful).”

5. Chinita Linda – “Eczema cream from US. Free shipping. (The same thing sells) at the dermatologist for RM110 for 100ml. Online is rm57 for 500ml, from 11Street. Online wins. It’s for my daughter who has light breakouts of eczema on her face and neck from time to time. I use it too even though my skin is normal. I think it works better than anything else.

I also buy US. supplements, essential oils and skincare from IHerbs, they are way cheaper online and shipping is just RM8. And I ordered spare parts for car from overseas.”

bought onli

6. Adelynne Ong Dinesh – “I bought two sets of packing cubes for RM16.90 each from a vendor on Lazada because I couldn’t find them in brick-and-mortar stores. Each set consists of three packing cubes and three laundry bags (but they can be used for other things if needed). The cubes aren’t very high in quality but they served me well when I used them during my backpacking trip to Europe for two weeks.

They make packing and unpacking so easy because I used the cubes (one large, one medium and one small) for categories of clothes such as “going out clothes” and “sleeping clothes”, etc. I don’t think these cubes would last forever as they’re not high in quality, but that’s ok. Also, I’m not complaining about the quality as I did pay a low price for it! Another thing to note is that it took 11 days for the package to be received by me. I’m guessing it’s because I had purchased it just before the General Election, but it’s still not good service. All in all, though, I’m happy with my purchase.”

bought online

7. Shanie Lim – “Xiaomi phone case and nose ring from AliExpress. The total was less than RM10 including shipping. I have yet to receive my items bought on AliExpress as shipping from China takes within 2-4 weeks. To me, the photo reviews and total orders stated of that particular item are both important factors I consider before purchasing on AliExpress.”

8. Dzurihan Yusoff – “I bought castor oil from Lazada. As it’s meant for skin condition, browsed through a few sellers and found one with reasonable pricing and more than 100 positive reviews. The seller is also proactive in answering questions from potential buyers.
For RM20+ with free shipping, definitely worth it. It was my first time trying castor oil and I don’t wanna splurge in case it’s not suitable for my skin. Local pharmacies are selling it ranging between RM30 to RM100. So, lots of saving there.”

9. ShiNa LW – “Diapers!! From Shoppee. I use Huggies.. Sometimes can get at least rm15 cheaper per pack compared to supermarkets. Plus, free shipping. Quality of service.. Very fast.. Sometimes Receive within 2 or 3 days. Nicely packaged in a box. Price.. Usually have to buy 3 packs at once. For Huggies xxl rm37 per pack.. Huggies without promotion if about Rm40++per pack.”

10. Zul’Afif – “Hypergear Dry bag 2L. Because it is free. Paid RM15 for postage. Info: googled and found 2L dry bag from Hypergear priced RM20+ not include postage. The bag quiet small. But meet my need to put my stuff (handphone, wallet) as I ride to work. Well the quality of Hypergear is good as it already an international brand for the dry bag. As per postage, fast delivery in good condition by Ninja Van.”

Bought Books

1. Charles Phua – “Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort (the real-life character of The Wolf of Wall Street). I bought it because he’s an inspiration to men. I bought it on BookDepository which has cheaper price compared to some physical bookstores. It also provides free shipping internationally and it also offers cash back up to 6% when using Shopback!”

2. Diyana Zulasmin – “I bought a graphic novel titled “Nimona” and a watercolour instruction book from BookDepository because it was cheaper and had free delivery.”

3. Wei Yeh Sor – “I bought three Mandarin books (two of them written by Malaysian) at local Mandarin online bookstore Recommend to those who wants to buy books that can be found in Taiwan but not in Malaysia. The price is usually lower than the chained bookstore. For English book, BookDepository is quite ok and it is free shipping! In my experience, you might need to wait for a month.”

Bought Electronics

1. Melia Leong – “I bought a mobile phone online, Huawei brand. Got a RM100 discount coupon from Qoo10.”

2. Suhaimi Amir – “A replacement battery for my Galaxy Note 5. I buy it online, because I can do it in 5 minutes, rather than wasting my time to go out.”

3. Sven Haake – “I purchased a Kingston 120 SSD from Lazada, because a ”Sale” is going on whereby I’ve got a +36% discount and a targeted made it clear that this offer was available, in the first place. Buying electronics from Lazada, makes sense since you got both local and Chinese suppliers, and it’s rewarding since they offer AirAsia BigPoints and BPoints.”

4. Carmen Chan – “Bought TicPods (wireless earphones) from Indiegogo! Bought it because I wouldn’t be able to find it here and it felt quite innovative. The price was definitely higher than my original budget. But for high-end wireless earphones, the features look pretty good! I also wanted to try something different, other than the mainstream wireless earphones in the market. I like the idea of investing in a crowdfunded product!”

Bought Learning Services

1. Jakz Aizzat – “I subscribed to Audible. Listening to audiobooks is a great way to learn while doing other stuff. It costs $14.95/month for 1 book every month, which is a great deal for me. At least I’m able to read one book every month. By the way, Audible offers 1-month free trial if you guys want to try it.”

2. Muhammad Amar Hasshim – “I bought a couple of online classes on Udemy during a sale. I bought them at Udemy because although YouTube is free, they do not have a structured syllabus for an effective learning. I bought Chinese Language class so I can understand them as it is the ever-growing language in the modern world. I also bought a web design and an app developer class because they are the necessary skill needed in the current job market and a dropshipping course so I could expand my source of income. I want to learn something new and useful in my free time.”

3. Madivaanan Ganesh – “I bought two courses on Udemy. Now enrolled to 50+ courses using coupons. The latest course I bought was Designing using Photoshop.”

Bought Clothes

1. Ahsille Alidawsa – “I bought all my baju raya online, from Zalora. Reason: malas berebut (at shops), so many promo codes and fast delivery too!”

2. Manggai Chandra – “Have bought from YUVA by Bombay Beauty before and the quality was superb. Although I have to further alter the suits I buy as sometimes they are bigger than what I can fit, their prices for the unique and contemporary Indian suits are really affordable (it is really difficult to meet online Indian suit stores that deliver you what they display on their page, from the colours to its fabric as well as sequins). They make me feel that, I too, can afford suits of such quality!”

3. Ayu Fatarina – “Kebaya Nyonya from Shoppee, because they have it my size and the price is RM50 cheaper than the standard price, and the postage is free! I actually love the kebaya, they only make one design per kebaya, so you can be sure you will not bump into somebody wearing the same thing on the first day of Raya! The cost is RM110 for XXL kebaya, cheapest I can find so far, others will usually cost RM160 – RM190 because its considered plus size.. Sigh! The design was delicately embroidered, hence bringing out the classy feel when you wear it. Service was tip top, the parcel arrived one day after the payment was made and the seller was really friendly.”

4. Shanie Lim – “A dress from Zalora for RM 30 + shipping RM 5. Returned the other two dresses so not entitled for free shipping. It’s the only online store I purchase fashion items (clothing and shoes specifically) from as they provide free returns – it’s a must for me to try on. If the item doesn’t suit you, you can request for exchange or refund. Just drop it off as Poslaju kiosks or selected locations such as Focus Point or Caring Pharmacy etc for convenience.”

5. Siti Hawa N. – “I wanted to get an outfit that has some ethnic influence for Hari Raya but at the same time modern enough and functional as a workwear as well. Often, I only wear my traditional baju raya just once a year; yes, during the first day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I chose Ezzati Amira’s Batik Top with Tied Up Skirt because it looks pretty enough for Hari Raya and I can mix and match the top and skirt with other workwear that I have at home, thus giving me flexibility to don different styles to work. As for Zalora, I give them credit for having customer-friendly pages as well as fast processing and delivery services. I did the online shopping in the evening, at home while watching the telly.”

What Have YOU Bought Online Recently?

Let us know why you got it online. Was it the savings? Was it the convenience? Was it only available online? Share in the comments, let us have a peek into your life.

To read more about financial tools mentioned here, read my Shopback and eWallet (includes Bigpay) guides. To read another shopping article, read my Lazada purchases since 2014 article.

If you haven’t, come join the RoR community on Facebook 🙂 More people = more sharing = better transfer of financial knowledge.

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  1. Hi Suraya,

    Just wanted to tell you that your blog was such an eye opener and a very good place to get a guide for anything finance related!.

  2. I’ve been a fan for anything online, shopping especially more. My last purchase from Shopee is phone casing for my old phone (still working albeit small) and another phone casing for my son’s phone. His particularly is very difficult to find in physical retail….and mostly are girlish designs….But, I buy almost everything online, including groceries (minus fresh produce). So there probably won’t be a LAST purchase…

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