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Crypto & Blockchain in Malaysia: Communities, Companies and Associations in Malaysia You Should Know

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blockchain in malaysia

One thing I noticed about people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is their ideologies and values.

They tend to be the same people who rank transparency, efficiency and financial inclusiveness high in their belief system. Not all of them (some just got in it for the moneh), but many of them. And for that reason, I support the industry.

In the interest of promoting the cryptocurrency and blockchain in Malaysia, I have compiled Malaysia-based companies, associations and groups you should know.

Note that this list is not exhaustive – I might have missed some – but the popular ones with active members are here. If you know of any more, please comment and I’ll add it in.

This list does not and will not include:

  • mining companies
  • trading-related groups
  • ‘wealth-generating platforms’
  • exchangers
  • companies doing ICO (without other blockchain implementation), and
  • companies selling bitcoin clones

I also don’t include groups that talk speculate about cryptocurrencies as purely investment vehicles – too many of those around.

Disclaimer: Pictures = groups that supported my theatre production In A Different Light. We’re pretty confident we’re the first theatre company in Malaysia (and possibly worldwide) that accepted cryptocurrencies as payment. We received Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin, ZCoin and Dash. Thank you for the support!

Cryptocurrency groups

Cryptocurrency groups in Malaysia that promote adoption of cryptocurrencies as payment and adoption of its blockchain platform. They are considered ambassadors – some of them are even formally appointed by the core group and received funding for marketing purposes. You can contact them to know more about what they do.

1. Bitcoin Malaysia

Longest-running and most active crypto community in Malaysia. Founded by the legend Colbert Lau. Organises a lot of meetups and the go-to group for anything crypto in Malaysia.

Facebook | Website

2. Bitcoin Cash Malaysia 

Bitcoin Cash Malaysia community promotes the use of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a low-cost, fast payment method. Facebook | Wordpress | Twitter (most active)

3. ZCoin Community 

Some of the most respected names in the local crypto scene in Malaysia promotes ZCoin, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. They received funding from the core ZCoin team. Website | Facebook 

blockchain in malaysia

4. Dash Community 

There are a few groups promoting Dash cryptocurrency as a payment method. Rocketpay is one of the most active. They received funding straight from the core Dash team (see their proposal). Ask them about their event space RSpace, which they generously offer for free to the crypto and blockchain community.  Website | Facebook 

Another group promoting the same cryptocurrency is called Dash Malaysia. Facebook

 5. Steemit Community

The group claims to have more than a thousand Malaysian Steemit members, which is cool! They host events to introduce people to the Steemit platform. Something like Medium, except upvotes will reward content creators with Steem cryptocurrency. Facebook

6. Stellar Lumens Community

Respected crypto-payments infrastructure with a strong focus on the developing world. Meetup page

Another group that actively promotes Stellar Lumens is SenangBit (along with other cryptos). Malay-language friendly. WebsiteFacebook

7. NEO Community

Driven under NEO Smart Community Malaysia (registered as a non-profit), they host smart contract workshops and events. Website | Facebook

8. NEM Community

Made up of very driven community members and aggressively expanding in this region. Will open the NEM blockchain centre in Glo Damansara.  Facebook 

9. Ethereum Community

Admin-ed by members of the HelloGold and Etherscan team. Meetup page

Companies using blockchain technology

Proving that blockchain is beyond cryptocurrencies!

1. XenChain

Identity-management services enabled by blockchain technology, for easier and faster eKYC. Planning an ICO.  Website

2. HelloGold

Gold investment platform targeting the underserved (ie not just super-rich people). Amazing team, amazing values. Built on Ethereum platform. Recently partnered with KLEAN – you can exchange recyclables like plastics and cans for gold!  Website | App | Facebook 


Valuable asset tagging services using blockchain technology as proof of authenticity. Built on the NEM platform. Website | Facebook

4. BESC (Blockchain Energy Savings Consortium)

Enabling efficient and renewable energy using blockchain technology. Received funding from 1337 Ventures. Website | Facebook

5. Ataplus

‘World’s first blockchain-enhanced licensed equity crowdfunding platform’. Website | Facebook

6. WinApp.Inc

Payments platform built on Hyperledger. Now looking for beta-testers! Website | Facebook

7. Finterra

Is building own blockchain platform and waqaf management platform. Planning an ICO. Website | Facebook


‘Recruitment on the blockchain’. Website

9. BeeOnPay

Payment gateway services. Website | Facebook

Educational / Tools / Services

These companies offer blockchain-as-a-service, tools to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms and blockchain and crypto-related seminars and conferences.

1. CoinGecko

One of the most popular cryptocurrency ranking charts in the world. Built by a local team. Website | Facebook

2. Etherscan

THE block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum. Built by a local team. Website | Facebook

3. Blocklime

Education-focused company, hosts Ethereum and smart contract development workshops. Students-friendly. Provides blockchain services too. Website | Facebook

4. Bloktex

Blockchain service provider. The team behind Kuala Lumpur Blockchain Conference. They brought over Andreas M. Antonopoulos twice! Website | Facebook

5. Blockchain Academy Asia

Provides courses for blockchain and smart contract development. Website | Facebook

6. Blockchain Technology Malaysia

Blockchain service provider. Website | Facebook

7. Neuroware

Blockchain service provider.Works closely with Malaysian government agencies. Website | Facebook

8. BlockZero

Iskandar, Johor-based blockchain marketing, business support and training services. Facebook

9. Protech Future System

Among other things, does ICO security audit. Website

10. Celebrus Advisory

Blockchain strategy advisor. Website

Blockchain associations/ groups

1. ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia

Supports the development of blockchain industry in Malaysia. Sister of ACCESS Singapore. Website | Facebook

2. Blockchain Embassy Asia

‘Asia’s only public blockchain consortium’. Website | Facebook

3. Blockchain Developers Malaysia

Developers only. You need to prove you know how to code before you can join. Facebook

4. CryptoKnights

Group that brings cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts together. Facebook

Am I missing anyone?

If yes, comment below. Please don’t take any non-mentions seriously – am only listing the ones I can remember on top of my head. This article will be continually updated with more info. If you’re mentioned and you’d like to add your telegram link in, comment here too.

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