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5 Interesting Info I Found in the Securities Commission Malaysia Website

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Some time ago I wrote about how I got bored one day and decided to check out (and write about) the Bank Negara Malaysia website.

I got bored again, so here’s an article about me clicking around Securities Commission Malaysia website pulak.

(Huh, this can be an ongoing series. I can write about other financial institutions’ websites, why not)

Similar disclaimer here. None of the screenshot-ed images below are mine, they’re taken from the website. Securities Commissions Malaysia team reading this, please don’t sue me *laughs nervously*

First impression of the Securities Commission Malaysia website – nice and clean layout. Good job website team! (bodek jangan tak bodek)

I’m going to cover the home page section by section because it’s damn long.

Securities Commission Malaysia home page

Securities Commission Malaysia

  • Clear top bar navigation. The website is available in English and Malay
  • Rotating slides to share new updates (fuller section: Media Releases and Announcements page)
  • A search bar. Ask Aliss? Who’s Aliss?
  • Latest from SC section – we can see that they post new updates fairly regularly, 3 updates within 2 weeks
  • An ‘investor alert’ section, a rotating section showing you some scam entities

Securities Commission Malaysia

Securities Commission Malaysia

  • Left side – Regulatory highlights
  • Right side – Most-viewed documents (list goes on longer – had to halve the image)

Securities Commission Malaysia

  • Quick link to Analytics section (find whatever data you want here)
  • Tweets from Securities Commission Malaysia
  • Contact Us section
  • Careers section
  • And (finally) Related sites

Alright, with that done, I’m going to share with you some interesting information I found while leisurely clicking around the website. I just want to know what information is in there. Here’s what I found:

#1 – How Securities Commission Malaysia regulate

Under the Regulations tab, you can find out how Securities Commission Malaysia regulate, ie show private financial companies who’s bawse.

Securities Commission Malaysia

That’s all well and good. Nice to know there are all these guidelines. Like I said, I’m doing this for fun so I’m not going too deep into the documents.

I found an interesting section here though. If you click Enforcement, there is a ‘Have you seen these people‘ page, showing pictures, IC no and last-known addresses of Persons Wanted by the SC and List of People Sought to Assist in Investigation.

Securities Commission Malaysia

Woaaaahhh. People with bounty hunter fantasies, you know what to do.

#2 – Malaysia Co-Investment Fund (MyCIF)

Securities Commission Malaysia’s Malaysia Co-Investment Fund (MyCIF) is a fund where MyCIF will invest in P2P and ECF campaigns ‘based on a 1:4 ratio, in which MyCIF will invest RM1 for every RM4 successfully raised from private investors on the MyCIF participants’ platforms’, with maximum contribution of RM500,000.

(So basically its to promote companies to raise funds from investors via P2P and ECF platforms. Go to #3 if you don’t know what these are)

(Note: ONLY invest from recognised market operators)

Interested to explore MyCIF? You can access it from Development> Digital> click on Malaysia Co-Investment Fund (MyCIF), or through this link.

Securities Commission Malaysia

#3 – Videos page

I love this page! The video quality is amazing! Highly recommend you to check it out. Access it via Development>Digital>Videos, or simply click here.

At writing time, there are videos on:

  • Digital Asset Guidelines
  • SCxSC 2019 Highlights (our main annual fintech event)
  • Peer-to-Peer explainer videos
  • Equity Crowdfunding explainer videos

 Securities Commission Malaysia

Related: My article on Funding Societies Malaysia, one of the recognised P2P operators in Malaysia

#4 – The List of Unauthorised Websites / Investment Products / Companies / Individuals page

As you continue your investment journey, you will come across lots of ‘investment opportunities’. It’s not a bad idea to bookmark this page (Investor Empowerment> List of Unauthorised Websites / Investment Products / Companies / Individuals)  so you can quickly do your due diligence.

You can also inform them of dodgy activities. Contact them at  603-6204-8999 or email at

Securities Commission Malaysia

On that note, you can also check if the person/company you’re dealing with is actually who they say they were in the Lisenced and Registered Persons page. There is a Public Register of Lisence Holder some more.

Securities Commission Malaysia

#5 – Related sites section

Securities Commission Malaysia

…These are organisations worth knowing about. You know some of them, but there are even financial organisations and services which I had NO idea about. In the slides section, there are links to:

Last words

I actually love Securities Commissions Malaysia a lot. Everyone I’ve met there has always been not just professional, but also kind and helpful. Internally I don’t know how la, but as an outsider, I only have good things to say about them.


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Thank you to Securities Commission for having me as moderator and speaker during #SCxSC19! It was my absolute honour to moderate the digital investment session and speak in the digital marketing session . The topics this year are the most progressive one yet. I’m so grateful to the people behind Securities Commission Malaysia who curate sessions related to Islamic finance, digital assets (crypto!), serving the undeserved and ethical finance, cybersecurity, new fintech platforms (roboadvisory, p2p lending, equity crowdfunding) in a way that is transparent, inclusive and diverse (they took steps to have more women speakers!) Never been more hopeful of the future of finance in Malaysia tbh . As Tarah Wheeley, AI and cybersecurity expert said during her session – at the end of the day, humans are the ones who build these fintech tools. Let’s support those who serve, rather than harm, humanity . #fintechmalaysia #securitiescommissionmalaysia #securitiescommission

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I’m going to end this article here. My last question, directed to anyone in the know, is this: Who’s Aliss? Pls I need to know.

Securities Commission Malaysia

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