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COMPLETE Guide to Birth Control in Malaysia, Emergency Contraception and Abortion

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Hello women and men who live alongside women. Today, let’s learn about the options and costs of birth control in Malaysia.

This guide is divided into the following sections: 

  • Section 1: Preventative and family planning – how to avoid getting pregnant
  • Section 2: Access to emergency contraception – where to get contraceptive pill/ morning-after pill in Malaysia
  • Section 3: How and where to get an abortion in Malaysia (I don’t want you to get to this stage but I’d rather you not die with DIY methods, so)
  • Section 4: Adoption in Malaysia – how to give your baby up for adoption in Malaysia and who to contact

Some notes:

  • Cost figures from government-run clinics are taken from LPPKN website. Their prices are the cheapest, but limited to only married couples. To access their services, you have to register yourself and your spouse at the Portal Reproductive Health System page
  • Cost figures from private sector are estimates, based on multiple sources, including Reddit threads (like this one and this one). It varies depending on the type of institution you go to – pharmacies, public/private hospitals or local/specialist clinics. 
  • Access to birth control from the private sector is legal in Malaysia. There are no official laws stipulating certain marital status is required. Any doctor that denies you simply because you’re unmarried has no right to do so. If they refuse to provide services, simply go to another doctor who is unbiased
  • Birth control IS NOT the same thing as STD (sexually-transmitted disease) or STI (sexually-transmitted infection) prevention. Only abstinence and condoms help prevent STDs and STIs.

Without further ado, scroll down to the sections you need. 

Section 1: Preventative birth control and family planning in Malaysia

The methods are sorted from least to most costly. Data on effectiveness were taken from the Planned Parenthood website

#0 – Abstinence, the rhythm method or the withdrawal method

What is it:

  • Abstinence method: Much like its name, this is when an individual completely abstains from having sexual intercourse.
  • Rhythm method: This is when an individual tracks their reproductive cycle to see when their fertile window is. The “fertile window” is when a female is most vulnerable to pregnancy due because those days are near when ovulation would occur. “Ovulation” is when the egg is released from the ovary. Those who use the rhythm method would engage in sexual intercourse during the days which are not part of their fertile window.
  • The withdrawal method: Also known as the “pull-out method”, this is when the male would ejaculate outside of the vagina to avoid a pregnancy from occuring.

Cost: None, but taking a test to find out ovulation period for the rhythm method can cost you RM12 to RM20 per test


The theory behind these methods make sense, but don’t rely on them. If you’re sexually active, add on another birth control method. See #1-7 below. 

#1 – Condoms

What is it: The male condom is used over the man’s erect penis. It may be made of latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene. For those allergic to latex, there are specialised condoms made of lambskin available. It is the most common contraceptive used by couples worldwide.

The condom is the only form of birth control method that not only prevents pregnancy but also the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STI) like HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. 

Note: Female condoms exist, but not available/sold in Malaysia as far as I could tell.

Effectiveness: 85% and even LOWER if you don’t know how to put it on correctly

Where to get it: Pharmacies, convenience stores or online stores like Lazada or Shoppee. Always buy well-known and trusted brands. You can also get from government-run clinics.

Cost of condoms in Malaysia: 

  • From pharmacies: Ranges from RM6 for a 3-pack, RM20 per 12-pack and onwards.
  • From government-run clinics: RM1 for a 3-pack or RM4 per a 12-pack

#2 – Birth control pills in Malaysia (Oral Contraception)

What is it: Birth control pills are a kind of medicine with hormones to stop ovulation. No ovulation means there’s no egg hanging around for sperm to fertilise, so pregnancy can’t happen.

Birth control pills come in one pack (either for 21 days or 28 days) and need to be taken daily and exactly at the same time for it to be fully effective. It is usually taken for the next 21 days after your period has ended. 

There are many types of birth control pills in Malaysia. Here are some of the popular options: Mercilon, Marvelon, Noriday, Nordette, Loette and Yasmin. Many people adviced to start from the lowest-cost options, and pick another one in case that brand is not suitable for your body (the side effects varies).

Each birth control pill comes in a pack. When a pack is finished, you take a break for 7 days (to allow the period to happen) before starting a new pack/box. Some brands have 28 pills in them, with 7 pills being placebo pills – pills with no hormones, taken only by those who have problems keeping track of when they need to take the new box.

Effectiveness: 91%

Where to get it: Pharmacies and government-run clinics.  EDIT: See the comments section for feedback from readers

Cost of birth control pills in Malaysia:

  • From pharmacies: RM10-55 per month (depends on brand)
  • At government clinics: RM5-52 per month (depends on brand). Aside from the 6 below, please refer to LPPKN website for the full list of birth control pills and their pricing.

#3 – Contraceptive injection in Malaysia

What is it: The birth control shot, Depo-Provera, is a hormonal injection that prevents unplanned pregnancy for three months at a time. The hormone in this shot is progestin. There is also the Depocon shot.

The birth control shot works similarly to the birth control pill. It prevents ovulation and increases the mucus buildup around the opening of the cervix.

Effectiveness: 94%

Where to get it: Private clinics, OBGYN or government clinics.

Cost of contraceptive injection in Malaysia: 

  • From private clinics and OBGYNs: RM18-RM36 per shot (effective for up to 3 months per shot)
  • From government clinics: RM18-RM36

#4 – IUD in Malaysia

What is it: “IUD” stands for “intrauterine device”. It’s shaped like a “T”, a bit bigger than a 5 cents coin and fits inside your uterus. Pregnancy is prevented by stopping the sperm from reaching and fertilising the eggs. Once inserted, it can last from 3 to 10 years depending on what kind of IUD you have gotten. 

Effectiveness: 99%

Cost of IUD in Malaysia: 

Where to get it: Private clinics, OBGYN or government-run clinics.

  • Hormonal IUD from private clinics and OBGYNs: RM80-RM110 (effective for up to 3-6 years, depending on the brand). Removing it will cost approx RM20
  • Copper IUD from private clinics and OBGYNs: RM600 at a specialist centre (effective for up to 10-12 years)
  • From government-run clinics: RM80-RM110. Removal is RM20

#5 – Hormonal implants in Malaysia

What is it: Hormonal implant or contraceptive implant is a tiny tube which is placed (‘implanted) under the skin of the upper arm. It releases hormones that significantly reduce the chance of pregnancy

Effectiveness: 99%

Where to get it: Private clinics, OBGYNs or government-run clinics.

Cost of hormonal implants in Malaysia:

  • From private clinics and OBGYNs: RM500 (effective for up to 3 years). Removing it will cost approx RM100.
  • From government-run clinics: RM500 (effective for up to 3 years). Removing it will cost RM100.

One of the most popular hormonal implant options is Implanon. Here’s the Implanon price in Malaysia, if taken from government-run clinics.

#6 – Vasectomy

What is it: Sterilisation method for men; minor surgery which blocks sperm from leaving the testis

Effectiveness: 99%

Where to get it: Private or government medical centres

Cost of vasectomy is Malaysia: 

  • From private medical centres: RM2k-6k (according to RoR readers)
  • From government-run centres: RM300-RM550 (according to LPPKN website)

#7 – Tubal Ligation

What is it: Sterilisation method for women; surgery which blocks or removes part of the Fallopian tubes

Effectiveness: 99%

Where to get it: Private medical centres

Cost of tubal ligation is Malaysia: 

  • Unknown – please comment if you have the figures

Section two: Access to emergency contraception – how to get contraceptive pill/ morning-after pill in Malaysia

#1 – Morning-after pill (sometimes called Plan B or Emergency Contraception)

What is it: This contraceptive pill is taken by the woman after exposure of semen in vagina, such as condom breakage. You have to take it up to 5 days after the incident. It is not recommended to take it too often as there may be side effects. 

Effectiveness: It is estimated that Postinor-2 will prevent 85% of expected pregnancies. 95% of expected pregnancies will be prevented if taken within the first 24 hours, declining to 58% if taken between 48 hours and 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.

Where to get it: Pharmacies. Ask for Postinor-2, Escapella or Ella.

Cost of contraceptive/ morning-after pill in Malaysia: RM5-RM53

Section 3: how and where to get an abortion in Malaysia

Please visit the Reproductive Rights Advocacy Alliance Malaysia page and this informative Reddit thread for medical and surgical abortion options. 

Cost of abortion in Malaysia:

  • Abortion pills for termination of pregnancies under 9 weeks: RM350-RM580
  • Surgical abortion in Malaysia: RM800-RM4000. EDIT: Also see the comments section

Section 4: Adoption in Malaysia

If its too late for abortion but you/your partner don’t want to keep the baby, please call Talian Kasih at 15999 so you can give them up for adoption. If anonymity is important, ask for locations of baby hatches to leave the baby behind in safe conditions.

If you and your partner do want to keep the baby, you might want to get your financial management as a couple in order. You don’t need me to tell you that babies are expensive.

Are you on any birth control?

Are you on birth control? Which one(s)? Why did you pick that option? Was it easy to get? How much was it? How did you discuss it with your partner (if you discuss at all).

Did you go with private sector or did you utilise government-run clinics? (If you want this option, go register at Portal Reproductive Health System page). If you have tried government options, how was the experience like? Would you recommend it?

Tbh I have so many questions still. Information on birth control in Malaysia is not the easiest to get – I need your help to make this article more comprehensive. Share your experience in the comments section.

Stay safe kids.

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  1. Hi Soraya,
    About the cost of a surgical abortion, I had one in January 2018 at a private clinic in Pandan Indah that charged me RM1000. It was rather quick, having gone in the morning to have the pill administered, then return after 3 hours for the surgical procedure. Apart from the cramping once the sedation wore off, there were no other side effects. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you Devon for sharing the process and cost for surgical abortion at private clinic in Klang Valley. I’m very sure your sharing will help others

  2. I use a birth control pill called Micrognon 30 which only cost about RM 10 per box for 21 days. Available over the counter at most major pharmacies. I usually get mine from Alpro.

  3. I’ve been using contraception pills called marvelon, it cost below 20ringgit I think. Can get it at any guardian and pharmacies.
    Also, it’s important to monitor the side effects. Every woman react differently to the contraceptive pills. Some woman said that they gained weight, more acne, and hormonal etc. But I find it perfect and effective for me

  4. Contraceptive pills: pay RM1 at government clinic.
    Implant insertion: RM500 for insertion and another RM100 for taking out.
    Condoms: RM1 for every 12 pieces if not mistaken.
    All kind of BC are effective enough if the individual is discipline and realise the responsibility follows if there are accidents like forgot taking the pills, not using condoms etc. Often if unwanted pregnancy occurs, they will say “dah rezeki” with heavy breathe.

  5. Hi, I used to be on Yaz which is around RM50 at Alpro for about a year but I stopped and changed to Yasmin (RM45.90 @ Guardian) bcs Yaz had worsened my acne issue. It is important to monitor the side effects and get doctor to check whether you need to change to a different brand or not 🙂

    1. Hi Tee, thank you for sharing your experience! Do you need to carry a doctor’s prescription or can just go to the pharmacy? I am trying to find a more affordable source of wider selection and currently live in Singapore. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Patricia for the info! Have added an edit in that section. Have also updated the broken link 🙂

  6. I’ve gone to LPPKN to ask about this, just a week ago. Apparently, they would recommend me to see a doctor before he/she will recommend to a GH to get this done. From my conversation with the staff there, unless me or my wife have concerns about our health, or either of is has reached to somewhere 40s, likely the doctor wouldn’t recommend me to one done.

    Would love to hear if others have done it. I don’t personally know anyone who have gone through the procedure.

  7. Hi! I’m on vacation in beautiful malaysia and I didn’t bring enough birth control with me. My birth control is called Amorest and has a combination of Ethinylestradiol and Norgestimate. Is there anything similar I can get over the counter? Thanks

    1. Hi Ada,

      I’m erring on the side of caution here and will refrain from giving specific brandnames, in fear the chemical composition is different here. Please have a chat with the pharmacist. They would be happy to assist you.

  8. After my first child was born, I took Yazz contraceptive pill. It’s the most costly pill in the market & said to be the best. So if you’re planning to get a contraceptive pill, I reckon to take a cheaper one first and if it’s not suitable for you, you can change to better ones – which you can’t with Yazz. You either have to stop altogether or continue consumption.

    The first 4 months of consumption, I gained weight, my skin was horrible. Then my skin got better & glowing and I lose weight even though my appetite grows – for 2 years.

  9. I read several comments around here and damn, my abortion costs me RM1800 for a 13weeks old twins. Experiences is pretty much the same as the user Miss Devon commented. Private clinic located at Ampang.

  10. I’ve called lppkn before for an IUD and their first question was if I’m married. They said iud is not suitable if unmarried. Is this true?!

    1. I did an abortion (4weeks) at a clinic in Cheras and it cost RM1200, excluding RM150 for an ultrasound that needs to be done prior to the termination and RM80 (uterus strengthening medicine) for the follow up check up a week later.

  11. Hi suraya, do you know the prices for contraception offered by FRHAM clinics? i searched that they have health centres across malaysia but no info on the prices of their services? in selangor/kl their health centre is called FREHA

  12. Maybe you can add this: Klinik Rakyat in PJ charges just around RM40 per packet of Volina (generic name for Yasmin) and delivers it to you via Grab if you buy in batches. I usually stock once every 6 months.

    Its website

    Klinik Rakyat PJ is a primary care clinic that provides a range of primary healthcare services, family planning, sexual & reproductive health, gender affirming healthcare and counselling services.

    And guess what? The woman behind the clinic, Dr Suba, is Malaysia’s only doc who is openly public about providing abortion services. how awesome is that.

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