3 Things to Know About Braces Cost in Malaysia

Braces Cost in Malaysia

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second-best time is now,” I told myself as I made an appointment with my dentist to essentially glue on metal fixtures in my mouth. Yes, I’m talking about braces.  I’ve been putting it off all my life but finally decided to go through with it. At time of writing, they have pulled out 4 perfectly healthy teeth to make room for my teeth to straighten later. Pardon my Malay, but BAPAK KAU SAKIT GILA DOWH.

Being cost-conscious and all, I did research on the braces cost in Malaysia, but specifically in KL/Subang/Shah Alam area. I asked friends, family members, Twitter as well as scoured Google for answers (not that helpful tbh). In this blogpost I will share what I found out, plus the additional costs that I personally incur while getting braces.

#1 – There are 3 types of braces, and they have very different price points

(Source: From a Twitter follower, cross-checked with a dentist who said, “ya more or less lor”; as of July 2017)

Conventional braces cost in Malaysia

  • What it is: Braces which the wire is secured with elastic bands. Most people have this option, it’s the most cost-effective
  • Cost: GP – RM5k++ | Specialist – RM8-10k

Damon braces cost in Malaysia

  • What it is: Braces which the wire is secured by something they call ‘slide mechanism’. Doesn’t look as metal-ly as conventional braces. Sometimes referred to as self-ligating braces, or self-lig for short.
  • They come in (at least) two types: metal (silver) and ceramic (white). The ceramic one is more expensive, by at least a few thousand.
  • Cost (metal) : GP – RM7k++ | Specialist – RM12k

Clear aligners cost in Malaysia (like Invisalign)

  • What it is: A set of 10 or so retainers which you have to wear consistently; each set adjusts the teeth a little bit straighter than the last one.
  • Cost: RM15-20k (!!!)

Honestly, I wanted the Invisalign because – no shame – vanity reasons. But at that price? No way.

I took Damon braces because my dentist say:

  • Faster results than conventional braces
  • Less pain than conventional braces
  • Usually don’t have to do teeth extraction (this one doesn’t apply to me, I still had to take out 4 teeth)

My dentist, in Subang area, charges RM8,500 for metal Damon braces. The deposit is RM3,000, and I have to pay RM300 monthly until finish payment. It will take roughly 18 months to pay it off at that rate. According to friends and family, the deposit+monthly payment is usual system. This includes the cost of installing braces, adjusting every 4-5 weeks and retainers. The elastic band and dental wax is also included.

I considered the ceramic Damon braces but she said it’ll cost quite a bit more, around RM10-11k, NOT including retainers (approx RM1k more).

A Malaysian blogger, Chanwon shared that her ceramic Damon braces costed RM9k++ ; 2015 pricing. Read her experience here.

#2 – Is it possible to get cheap braces in Malaysia?

Yes, can. But you’re not going to like both options.

Government hospitals

  • Disclaimer! I didn’t even contact them to get more info and prices because I know I’m not going to go with government orthodontic option. So take whatever info here with a grain of salt.
  • Cost: Some mentions in forums that adult braces in government hospital costs around RM1100.
  • Notes: Quite a few people say, ‘confirm slow one’. But you know what? None of those people actually tried it so don’t believe them until prove right. If you got your braces from government hospital, can you comment below on the price/experience? I’ll update it here crediting you. EDIT: a reader commented on this, scroll down below.

Fake braces

This is scary shit. Apparently some people got cheap (RM580!) braces from Instagram sellers??? See the lady’s Facebook posting below. In summary:

  • They don’t freaking work. The wire is cheap wire and it doesn’t do shit, which defeats the purpose of braces
  • The ‘dentist’ comes to the house/gets people to come to their house (not clinic)
  • They fix the braces in the mouth without gloves (ewww!!!)
  • This person, after she got the fake braces, got scared after heard accounts of people getting infections and even teeth falling out. She had to go to actual dentist to take it off. Was told that it’s not uncommon.
  • The ‘dentist’ say he further charges to take off the braces and to fix broken brackets (caused by own shoddy work)

#3 – On top of the price of braces, you have to shell out some extra costs

For me personally, I paid for:

  • RM510 for teeth scaling and polishing, X-ray and study model. The scaling/polishing is optional (I wanted it) but the x-ray and study model were compulsory (to make mold of my teeth, pic below).
  • 4 x teeth extraction for RM100 per teeth. She took two first on the right side, then another two the week after on the left side (see ‘x’ in pic – they took those teeth out.)
  • RM30 for painkillers for the teeth extraction. YES YOU NEED THIS.
  • RM8 for antibacterial mouthwash after I complain my teeth extraction was still painful after a week
  • A lot of paracetamol. I go the unbranded 40-pills for RM4.45, sold at Guardian. Cheaper than Panadol, works just as well.
  • RM16.75 for two 750ml mouthwash (Guardian brand, on sale)
  • RM12.55 for two 5-in-a-pack Interdental brush (Guardian brand, on sale)

Braces Cost in Malaysia

Well at least I won’t need to buy red meat for the next two years. Crap. I can’t eat rendang anymore. Crap crap crap.


Braces prices in Malaysia is as stated above, more or less. Pay for quality – that’s very important. Also pick a dentist at locations you like. You’ll visit them quite a few times during the process. I’m avoiding transportation cost by selecting a dentist within walking distance from where I live.

On another note, I know I’m supposed to ‘own it’ and just have to start pretending people did not just glance at my teeth mid-conversation. But holy cow. It’s quite the mindshift, quite the habit changer. I’ve noticed that I started to cover my mouth when I smile and laugh. How perempuan melayu terakhir.

If you had/ is having braces, can you say something positive about your experience, please?







  1. Hi Suraya,

    My friend got her (conventional) braces done at USM for RM500. I was still on the waiting list and few months ago, USM decided to increase the cost like the private service (BOO). So, I will be paying RM 5K + if I decided to go with it. I checked several private dentists nearby and the cost will be around 7K +. Still unsure, but decided to see the USM dentist next week because finally I managed to secure the apt. after almost 7 months. I waited because I wasn’t in a hurry and was quite busy. But your experience getting the teeth out was quite scary 🙁

    1. RM500 is (was) a great price, but gosh 7 months for an appointment!

      Don’t be influenced by me. I’m a crybaby. Most of the time it was more like extreme discomfort rather than actual pain. Painkiller is just basic paracetamol, not some other fancy stuff. You’ll be fine lah

    2. Hi,

      Yes, I heard that government’s dentist are quite slow in that department. I was about to sign up for it when I was in form 5, but the attendant advises me to not do so.

      The reason was, that the waiting list is like super long. That I might be called in within 2-3 years. She says that assuming, I will be in college soon, there’s also a probability that the appointment date might clash with other stuff like final exams, and etc. So I didn’t continue with it.

      Although, I had a friend who was on the waiting list since he was in form 3, then only manage to get to the appointment in form 5, and finally was able to wear braces about 2 years after. The waiting line is crazy af. Hahahha.

      However, I was thinking of getting them too. Maybe sometime next year. But I’m super duper scared of it. Hahaha.

      1. Oh my goodness that’s much longer than I thought! 2-3 years??

        On getting braces, just do it. I postponed since high school, konon I didn’t care how my teeth look like. Braces don’t only fix cosmetic issue, but also your bite (ie how you chew). My bite now is really bad and by back teeth is ‘haus’ because of it. Only due time that I’d grind it more until it hit nerves, and we all know teeth nerve pain is like hell on earth. I’m glad I’m doing it now before that happens!

  2. Gosh ! Su you made me laugh in the middle of the night starting with Bapak and ending with the perempuan melayu terakhir part but hell ur article is super timely – not for me but for both my boys who unfortunately got their cute/ narrow jaw/ no place for gigi to grow hence FUGLY gigi like their DAD !! ??
    But holy cow – I’m definitely gonna need to put aside heaps of monehhh for their braces in the next couple of years !!!
    20k x 2 plus inflation ?? By then it’ll be – guys ?? Car or gigi ?? Mum and dad can only choose one!
    Or mebbe I help them choose gigi and if they are super Hansemmm mebbe they can get a rich gal-friend to fetch them around !
    Lol – I’m a crazy mum !

    1. Rofl poor Dad kena blame hahaha

      Glad you enjoyed the article, Angie 🙂 Choose the normal braces for them la, RM5k+ x 2 = RM10k plus. The sooner the better. It seems that price of braces rise every year!

  3. Hey ,
    I’ve been wearing clearpath for almost 2 years and it cost me more than 15k and I felt like i waste a lot of money on this due to less changes ): mine was quite pricy since it was imported from dubai and i had to wait for almost 3 months for the another batches (GILA LAMA WEH) the reason why i chose clearpath is because my dentist said that i had to ‘cabut’ my gigi if i want to wear the ceramic braces LOL . And yeah , still wearing my clearpath 🙂

    1. MEMANG LAMA GILA Dia naik sampan ke apa sampai 3 bulan wei

      Can confirm, cabut gigi sucks. But the cost, woah. I hope you get the results you want Anis, you better.

      1. That time my dentist said segala machine technology takde kat malaysia yet so need to sent to UAE and after 2 years pakai still regret . I mean once you break your cleapath (super lembut and elastic clearpath) it will break and you had to wait for another 2 months like hell . Sekali patah you kena bayar 500 man . I already broke it more than 5 (super careless) so people outside there yg careless like me , do not wear clearpath ! ?

  4. Hi, Suraya.

    very useful article . thank you.
    but what the meaning of “Cost: GP” ? the price cheaper then specialist. it mean Government?


    1. Hey Zpeilim,
      GP = General Practitioner. In my understanding, GPs offer more rounded services while specialists have a focus on a specific medical line. Some something like doctor vs cardiologist, for example. I’m not sure what are the major differences in the dental world.

  5. Hi all, i am thinking to install braces at my current age 23. Just finished uni and cannot afford the private clinic braces. I stay in Penang. Do u guys have any idea where should i go to? General Hospital or Klinik kesihatan? And wonder do they do Lingual Braces or short term braces. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi, sorry to inform you but if my memory serves me right government hospitals don’t accept patients over the age of 18 (I also heard they stopped accepting patients over 15 on their waiting lists). You can call the hospitals or better yet just walk straight in and ask them. Good luck!

  6. Hi Suraya,

    I just had my root canal treatment today and was thinking of getting braces since my teeth now a bit huru-hara. Cry ?

    Heard that the cost is kindda of Astaghfirullah. I’m in my mid 30s and I hope to hear any suggestion, should I go for it? ?

  7. how long does it usually takes of the whole installment process in the private clinics? also, i am quite hesitant because i don’t have any other reason to do it except for the aesthetic purpose.(although my teeth are not perfectly aligned, it is fairly comfortable for me). are there any other benefits that we would get from it?

    1. How long to pay off the installment, you mean? Depends on the cost. For example, mine is RM8.5k with RM3k upfront deposit and RM300 monthly deductions. So RM5.5k divided by RM300 is roughly 18 months.

      18 months. That’s how long the dentist say my treatment is going to take. This may or may not be a coincidence

      As for the other Q about benefits, not qualified to answer that :/

  8. Thank you for the useful information!

    Also, which teeth did they extract? Did they choose it or you have to choose it yourself? Have you notice any change on your facial structure? It’s one of the reason I want to install it.

    1. Hey Arina,
      You’re welcome 🙂
      They extracted the canine teeth I think? Not sure what they’re called, might be wrong. See my teeth mold in the article – they pulled out the ones with the ‘x’ on them

      No I haven’t noticed facial structure lah. But heard braces does that to some people who fix their protruding teeth and stuff

  9. Wow, thanks for the info!

    I didn’t know GP could also do dental braces.

    In my case, it’s not just cosmetic issue — my teeth are not aligned properly. So I get plaques and cavities more often (even though I floss regularly).

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      GP here means regular dentists la. Not doctor at clinics, completely different specialisation.

      All the best for your braces journey! Glad the info helped 🙂

  10. Hi, i’m thinking to install braces at my current age 20. I studying at uni now and cannot afford for private clinic braces. Can i go for government hospital? Thank you!

  11. Hi! I was wondering if putting on braces will causing problem on pronunciation? I’m gonna putting on braces next few weeks, and this really bothered me. I’m a college students, and going to have many presentations, weird pronunciation would be embarrassing 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Hi Zi Qing,
      Hmm you won’t be happy with my anecdote. A few months in and I still jumble some words. In my case it’s mainly due to the elastics I have to wear. If you don’t it should be okay. Kot.
      Don’t let it stop you though. I wish I did my braces earlier!

  12. Hi, if it’s possible, may I know which dentist you went to? I’ve been wanting to get the Damon Braces for a long long long time now but I haven’t found any place that’s below 9k for them. Thank you so much for the help!

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