How I Spent Over RM10k During My Braces Journey

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In my late 20s, I finally decided to act on something I’ve been self-conscious about all my life –  fixing my crooked teeth by wearing braces. The treatment took one and a half years, and I took it off for good last January 2019.

Note: It was fast because I got Damon braces. See 3 Things to Know About Braces Cost in Malaysia for types of braces and cost comparison.

Now that the braces are off, it feels like a distant dream. In a, ‘wow, I can’t believe I went through with it’ way. I thought I’d jot down everything I spent before, during and after my braces journey before I forgot all about it.

I hope this article will help everyone planning to do braces (or going through it now) to plan your budget, and perhaps help in choosing tools to buy/avoid. I’ll divide it into three sections – things I paid before, during and after wearing braces.

Things I Paid for During My Braces Journey – Before

#1 – Deposit to my dentist

My dentist, in Subang area, charged RM8,500 for my metal Damon braces. She asked for RM3,000 in deposit before we proceeded. The full amount is inclusive of:

  • Installation
  • Monthly adjustments
  • 1 x Retainers
  • Elastic bands and dental wax

Cost: RM3000

#2 – Teeth scaling and polishing, X-ray and study model

The teeth scaling and polishing was optional, but recommended. The x-ray and study model was compulsory (to make a mould of my teeth, pic below)

Cost: RM510

#3 – Teeth extraction

My dentist charged RM100 per tooth extraction, and four of mine needed to be taken out to make room.

Apparently, some dentists would include the cost of x-ray, study model and teeth extraction in their overall braces package. Mine didn’t, but something worth asking.

Cost: RM400

Things I Paid for During My Braces Journey – During

#1 – Painkillers

The first few months of wearing braces are no joke. It’s so painful, I’m not even going to lie about that. Especially the first few weeks, with all the teeth extraction and when you first get the braces installed, oh my God.

(Don’t let this deter you! Think of the end result!)

I paid for:

  • RM30 for painkillers to eat right after the teeth extraction. YES YOU NEED THIS.
  • RM8 for antibacterial mouthwash after I complain my teeth extraction was still painful after a week
  • A lot of paracetamol. I go the unbranded 40-pills for RM4.45, sold at Guardian. Cheaper than Panadol, works just as well.
  • RM0 for additional dental wax from my dentist (to prevent additional cuts while my mouth gets used to the metal rubbing against it)

Cost: Estimated RM35-ish

#2 – Monthly payments to dentist

So my overall cost for Damon braces was RM8500 right. I paid RM3000 in deposit, and every time I come in for monthly adjustments I had to pay RM300, until it’s paid in full. I think my dentist calculated the payment amount based on how long I had to wear the braces because it took roughly 18 months to pay off the whole amount also.

Cost: RM5500

#3 – A water flosser

The most annoying part about my braces journey wasn’t the pain actually. It wasn’t even the payments. It was the food bits stuck on my braces after meals.

I tried, I really tried, to keep the metal brackets clean with floss and interdental brush and all that (RM12.55 for two 5-in-a-pack Interdental brush (Guardian brand, on sale).

But I finally caved in and bought a water flosser, which is the. best. thing. ever. There are many types – plugged in and battery-powered – and I got this portable version which costs ~RM230 online.

Cost: RM250 ish (you need to buy batteries)

braces journey

Things I Paid for During My Braces Journey – After

#1 – Teeth whitening strips

I was SO excited to get my braces off. Once I did, I wanted to splurge for a teeth-whitening session, but that would cost me RM999.

So I bought the next-best thing – Crest Whitestrips teeth whitening strips for RM175, containing 20 strips I think. The price between merchant varies so much so do compare. Don’t skimp and buy the ‘unbranded’ ones – you never know what chemicals they put in there! At least the Crest brand is reputable.

Note: You’re supposed to do the home treatment daily until you complete your strips. This varies from person to person obviously, but my teeth get super sensitive and I can’t do the treatment 3 days in a row.

braces journey

Cost: RM175

#2 – Teeth retainer

If you think your braces journey ends when the dentist takes it off, hahahhaha sorry to disappoint. You have to wear teeth retainers forever.

My dentist actually included 1 x teeth retainer set in her package, but me being a klutz and never use the dedicated casing, I broke that thing less than a year. I had to get another one, which costs me an extra RM400. Haih.

braces journey

Note: There are many types of retainers so do ask your dentist. Mine is a combination of permanent metal ones + the clear plastic one (pictured). Yours may be different.

Cost: RM400

Last words

If you add up all the costs above, it’ll come up to… RM10,270.

Of course, the bulk of that is the braces package itself. RM8,500 is a big chunk, but I just want to say, I did *not* expect everything else to add up to RM1,770, as of time of writing (please take care of the new retainer Suraya don’t break it again okay).

But overall, I’m very happy with the results, and I’m glad I went on this braces journey. I love smiling now! Before this, I would do the awkward close-mouthed smile, or pose with something covering my mouth, like this lol:

Again, you can make your braces cost WAY CHEAPER. In my 3 Things to Know About Braces Cost in Malaysia, readers commented that adult braces in government hospital cost around RM1100 only, which is super cheap! But of course waiting time jangan cakap la.

Anyone here currently doing braces now, or took it off? You want to chime in what else you bought while you had it? Share with us in the comments section!

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    1. Hey Denys,

      The teeth retainer is worn FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE because apparently teeth memory is a thing – they will slowly shift back to their original positions (before braces) if not worn! I wear mine at night while sleeping, although my dentist said its better if worn 24/7 aside from eating times.

      Re: pic – see my instagram lol

  1. Hi! Thanks for the article, I just recently got my braces off and have a permanent metal retainer bonded on my upper and lower. However Im worried if it will break loose or break. Have u experienced anything like tht? And if so what is the cost of repair?

    1. Hi Shaylyn, I can answer this! I have permanent metal retainer bonded on upper and lower teeth too. So far, so good. Been a few years without problem.

  2. I am on my 5th month of my self ligating (non Damon cos is effing exp) and my what my initial cost is RM6750, downpayment 1500 monthly 350 for next 15mths.
    My case is I extracted one molar and one wisdom tooth 7 yrs ago due to cavities on the molar. As my wisdom tooth leaned onto the molar, it has to make way. Time after time my teeth especially the lower row, moved abd the gaps are getting bigger that I can’t deal with that anymore!
    Dentist consulted – fix the teeth and the do one implant . Implant will happen in another 1.5 yra time I think. I am happy thus far of my journey.
    I have these :-
    – lotsa dental wax from shopee
    – dental picks
    – interdental brush
    – Mi dental floss rm 145 only
    – Panadol – 650mg type( need it everytime after review session)
    – soft bristle toothbrush- i used Atomy
    – toothpaste ( combi of regular and whitening)
    – mouthwash – i used Listerine Lemon and Salt cos its less intense
    – dental floss – it has a plastic head to help navigate the floss n between of your braces
    – ceramic scissor – for me to cut my food when i eat out 😄
    – travel cup so that i can brush my teeth outside after meal

    1. Thanks for sharing your costs + items bought Pinky! This is informational!

      Wow you even bring scissors with you when you order out? I just order soup LOL

  3. Hi Suraya, do you have your wisdom tooth out as well after braces? I heard some dentist recommend taking out your wisdom tooth afterward to avoid wisdom tooth coming out and ruin the alignment.

    1. Hi Tiffany, I did get 4 teeth taken out, but didn’t get my wisdom tooth pulled out after braces. Follow your dentist’s recommendation

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