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Teeth Whitening Price Malaysia at Dental Clinics, Whitening Strips & More

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So you have a major life event coming up, and want to do teeth whitening in Malaysia. You’ve come to the right place – I’ve compiled 5 teeth whitening options you can do, the price and costs involved, and the pros and cons for each options.

Option #1 – Professional Teeth Whitening in Malaysia Dental Clinics

The first option is of course, professional teeth whitening services that’s offered by dental clinics.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Malaysia price: From RM500++, may go up to RM1000+

I did professional teeth whitening in 2020, just before my wedding. Mine costs RM849 all-in, including consultation, scaling and polishing.

I’m really happy with the results. This was my before/after shot:

During my session, my teeth went 4 shades lighter – apparently the max it will go, or close.

Let me show you the actual teeth colour scale the dentist used.

In case you’re wondering, yes that’s the maximum whitest shade your teeth will go – it is not possible to go whiter. In reality, super white teeth is abnormal!

Your final result will also depend on your teeth’s original colour. It will go a few shades lighter based on the scale. If you start from B4 (far rights), it is not possible to get to B1 (far left).

Pros of doing professional teeth whitening in Malaysia:

  • It works! Your teeth colour will be visibly lighter by a few shades
  • Great opportunity to check overall dental hygiene because you’re at the dentist already

Cons of doing professional teeth whitening in Malaysia:

  • Will take a few hours to complete (mine took around 2 hours)
  • There may be unexpected costs – ie, need to do scaling, do dental filling, etc. This is good for your dental health though
  • Depending on your coffee/wine/smoking/ other stain-food intake, the lighter teeth colour will only last 6 months to 1 year or so

Note: this type of teeth whitening procedure is not the same with laser teeth whitening procedure. I believe that is more expensive and in the thousands range. If you have info about laser teeth whitening, please leave a comment below.

Option #2 – Buy Teeth Whitening Kit Malaysia

The next option is to simply buy a (reputable) teeth whitening kit.

Teeth whitening kits may come as teeth whitening gels and teeth whitening trays. Both have their fans, but I would recommend trying teeth whitening strips because they are the ones that work the best.

The strips usually come in packs of 7, 14 or 20 treatments, with each treatment containing 2 strips – one for the top and one for the bottom teeth.

Price of doing teeth whitening kit in Malaysia: A good kit will cost at least RM100-RM200++ depending on number of treatments (strips)

Pros of doing teeth whitening kit in Malaysia:

  • It does work! (but need to be disciplined to complete)
  • More affordable than #1
  • Fairly easy to mould on uneven teeth

Cons of doing teeth whitening kit in Malaysia:

  • May not be suitable for people with sensitive teeth/gum
  • Can be hard to apply and/or uncomfortable (the first time I tried applying the strips, it took a few tries to get it right)
  • Careful of imitation products – avoid unknown brands and fake products. You don’t know what’s in there and it might permanently damage your teeth!
  • Depending on your coffee/wine/smoking/ other stain-food intake, the lighter teeth colour will only last 6 months to 1 year or so

Where to buy teeth whitening kit in Malaysia:

I tried these teeth whitening strips twice. I had good experience doing these teeth whitening strips the first time around, but for the second time, my teeth got too sensitive mid-way (I was around 5 treatments in?). It was too uncomfortable and I couldn’t complete the rest of the treatments.

So, if you think you have sensitive teeth, get the sensitive-friendly version, or only the 14 strips (7 treatment) version.

Option #3 – Get veneers in Malaysia

If Options 1 and 2 is underwhelming for you, and what you want is the ‘perfect smile’ instead, then you might not be looking for teeth whitening in Malaysia at all. You might be looking for… veneers.

Veneers is the reason why many of your favourite celebrities look as good as they do. When one does veneers, not only they can get the ‘perfect’ teeth, but also in the lightest shade that suites them.

You can find more examples online, but here’s one great example of veneers usage by a huge celebrity, Christiano Ronaldo. Ngl, he looks really good.

However, this kinda smile doesn’t come cheap.

Cost of veneers in Malaysia: According to this dental clinic, ‘composite veneers treatment starts from RM500 (per tooth) and above, while Porcelain veneers will cost you RM1500 (per tooth) and above.’ So you’re looking at a few thousand.

Pros of doing veneers in Malaysia:

  • Looks amazing
  • Long-lasting

Cons of doing veneers in Malaysia:

  • Most expensive option
  • Unethical providers might offer fake veneers. Please avoid them.

Note: If you want straighter teeth, you might want to do braces instead of veneers. Check out the options and costs in my Braces Price in Malaysia: Cheapest to Most Expensive Options article

Option #4 – Teeth whitening toothpastes

According to my dentist and online medical sources, teeth whitening products fall under two types: contain chemicals to lighten teeth colour (hydrogen peroxide) or contain abrasives to remove stains (hydrated silica, charcoal, baking soda, microbeads etc).

Therefore, you can look for toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide, silica or abrasives to lighten your teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide is the same ingredient the dentist will use for professional teeth whitening (Option #1). The higher the hydrogen peroxide content, the more effective the toothpaste will be at whitening. However, higher hydrogen peroxide % may also irritate your teeth and gums more.

Price of teeth whitening toothpastes in Malaysia: RM10++ to RM30++, depending on brand

Pros of teeth whitening toothpastes:

  • Most affordable option

Cons of teeth whitening toothpastes:

  • Don’t expect drastic change to teeth colour

Here are some teeth whitening toothpastes you can buy:

*Based on my Googling

(As a comparison, Crest 3D whitening strips (Option #2) contain 6%-14% of hydrogen peroxide, depending on the product)

Let’s check out the last option for teeth whitening in Malaysia.

Option #5 – DIY Teeth whitener tools and products

As far as I know, most of the DIY ways to whiten your teeth doesn’t work, at least not in a significant or fast way.

I also tried one of these teeth whitener tools and disappointed to say it doesn’t work (that or I expected too much from 10 mins of use).

I would skip and just go with Options #1, #2, #3 or #4.

What is your favourite teeth whitening option?

Personally, I am someone who will not quit drinking coffee (or start drinking it out of a straw) so I’m always interested in teeth whitening products and services. I find it boosts my confidence, so it’s a worthwhile purchase for me.

That’s all the info I have about teeth whitening price and options in Malaysia today! If you have done teeth whitening, please share your experience and costs in the comments section. What other pros and cons did I miss?

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