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My ‘I Want This, But I Won’t Buy It’ List

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Everyone has a wishlist of things they want. Here are some things that I’ve always wanted, but probably won’t buy during the #MyCyberSale this year. My delay gratification game is strong, y’all.

1. All the game consoles. I used to be a casual gamer. I’ve played Playstation, Playstation 2, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP consoles and loved them all. At one point, I had 3 PSPs at once. I miss those times, and I do want to start playing games again, but not now, not yet. I think if I get one, I’ll stop updating Ringgit Oh Ringgit lol.

2. A Roomba. Robot vacuum cleaners! The idea of this thing makes me really happy. If someone give this to me as a gift, I would love them very much (I love practical gifts). But nah, I can still sweep floors manually.

3. Macbook/High-powered laptop. I always get laptops on the RM1-2k range, and always wonder how RM4-6k laptops perform. Maybe when my current laptop foes kaput, I’ll consider buying the higher-spec ones.

4. An actual Rayban. I like how they look on me, but I can’t justify the pricetag. Why would I splurge on this when I can get the style for RM10 at night market?

benarudo / Pixabay

5. Digital drum. When I was younger, I used to take drum classes. It would be fun to play this again. I don’t want the big drumset – those are clunky as hell and will take too much space.

6. Actually, I want game console+drum playset. So. Cool. Much. Fun.

Image credit to
Image credit to

7. Muji furniture. My ideal home will be fully decked out with Muji furniture. It’s minimalist and practical and space-efficient and has neutral colours- everything I want in furniture. I actually think they are worth the high prices, because the style and the quality is great.

Image credit:
Image credit:

8. Fancy headphones. I don’t even know which one, I just want a better one than I have now (given free with my phone). This ‘want’ is weird because I don’t even listen to music much. My favourite music is whatever’s on the radio.

9. Weight scale. Been postponing this purchase. I used to weigh myself at the gym, but now it’s apparently broken. Yes, I know it’s the inches not the kilos that is important. But there’s a deep satisfaction is seeing the number –  I’m 20kgs less than my highest weight, so it’s pretty exciting.

10.  A watch. I haven’t been a watch person for the longest time, but I like the idea of being more aware of time in general. When I was in my teens, I owned the perfect watch – it was like a bangle that I can easily put on/take off. No meddling with clasps, no need to buckle – the hinge keeps the watch in place. It died after a couple of years. I still look for a similar type, but can’t find it anywhere.

11. A tablet/ebook. I have no idea why I want this. I own digital books, and I read them fine on laptop and smartphone. I like physical books too. It’s a complete want, yet I still find myself window shopping for tablets sometimes.

janeb13 / Pixabay
janeb13 / Pixabay

12. A green carpet that looks like grass, on dark brown wooden floor. Rofl my date always laugh at me for this. I’ve always wanted the outdoors look, indoors!

13. All the Micro Bricks/ Blocks collections. I bought one of the Ninja Turtles one, and really enjoyed it. But I can’t bring myself to spend hundreds of ringgit to get the collections one (I want the landmarks and the McDonalds – they’re so cute omg)

14. A drone. It’d be fun to take pictures of the mountain range here in Ipoh.

15. Vape. I really miss smoking. I didn’t quit because of money or health reasons, I quit because it made my teeth yellow and I’m too vain to let that continue. But vape equipment is expensive and I don’t need it, so.

16. The Xiaomi MiBand. I had one, then I went to Krabi and lost it wtf. I may get a replacement one later, but not now.

17. Expensive skincare products. Twice already when I jumped in Uber, the driver straightaway called me Puan wtf. I know it’s not an insult, but I terasa. I think I have to step up my anti-aging routine, because dammit my ego is fragile.

(this list might be updated later because I’m not immune to consumerist culture)

Why talk about #MyCyberSales?

Ok, so the inspiration for this post came from #MyCyberSale that is currently going on right now. I have nothing against deals, I love them. But at the same time, if you go on twitter, you’ll see people almost… bragging.. of their brokeness. The tone is like, ‘whoops look at me so naughty cannot control my spending I’m so doomed haha’.

Aiyo, don’t la spend money if you don’t have them. Yes, it’s nice to have makeup and new clothes and what have you. But have you deducted necessary expenses like:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Bills (including previous credit card bills)
  • The obligatory 15% of every paycheck to add to your savings
  • Insurance/medical card
  • Petrol/Toll/Car repairs
  • and others

So if you think you’d have to depend on credit card or Mom/Dad to help you with the above after you finish your shopping spree, I’m asking – please don’t buy anything. Malaysia have a lot of sales. Even #MyCyberSale is an annual event, it’ll come again, you’re not missing much tbh.

If you have enough to cover for the above and saved up 3-6 months’ worth of living expenses already and have leftover money, yay, good for you, go ahead and contribute to the economy.

So far, I have personally bought these during #MyCyberSales:

  • RM100 prepaid topup (12% cashback via Shopback (note: referral) + 5% cashback via my credit card. Related: how to maximise cashback credit card)
  •  3 x my favourite jeans on Uniqlo (I bought 1 at RM149.90, it’s now RM99.90) (I’m covered, pants-wise, for at least the next 5 years) (I should add here that I was looking for pants anyway. I have precisely 1 pair now.)(Now I will have four: 2 basic black, 1 white, and 1 dark blue yay) (I have never owned white pants. I will worry about not making them dirty ugh)
Image credit: Uniqlo
Image credit: Uniqlo

That’s it. I’m open to buying other practical stuff that I actually need 🙂

What is YOUR ‘Want but Won’t Buy’ List?

Of course you have one. Can you share your list in the comments? It was really fun to list it out, try it!


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  1. Came in expecting a ‘sellout’ post

    Instead received a Good Girl Gina post reminding people to pay all the necessary bills. 😀

  2. Your list so long!! I only want two things: a recliner sofa and a vape ..
    Used to play PS4 too, but given up on following the trend … Miss those days sitting in front of TV like a vegetable!!

    1. I agree, my list is long haha!
      I secretly like being a vegetable too 😛 Video games are awesome. Too awesome. It’s hard to know when to stop.

  3. Damn! Those items in #MyCyberSale is too tempting! I wanted to buy a new smartphone but I don’t have enough savings.

    My Sony Xperia L is still not giving up on me anyway, so still can survive. 🙂

  4. Commenting on behalf of a kind anon:

    1. Roomba. You can get them from amazon. Wait for black friday where they will have massive discount, look for a forwarder, ship from amazon > forwarder > malaysia. Planning to get a unit for my mum some where in the future. Even without black friday, it’s still cheaper than Malaysia. ?

    Keep in mind that the Volt (V)? can be different between US and Malaysia. Better to check the specs first before ordering. Mat salleh usually response within 1 business day to email. I read before a post in LYN some guy bought the a TV during Black Friday, for the same TV he in Malaysia, he have to pay extra RM700 (he save RM700+ after including in shipping + tax)!!!

    2. Macbook/High-powered laptop You don’t need that. Recently bought a semi-powerful laptop for my sister at RM2100. 1.5kg 10 hours battery life, 4GB RAM, an i3. But wait i3 isn’t powerful enough. It is if you are just using it to do office work, watch movie, browsing, paying bills.No lags. The key point one must know how to maintain it. (eg use Ccleaner, use portable programs where possible – avoid an install). My laptop buying criteria is very specific = light, good battery life, min 4GB RAM. lol to hell with the processors. Another key stuff one need to note is one should always format the laptop upon arrival from shop as shop bought laptops are loaded with junk = slow computer.
    PS. Look at Hackintosh ?

    3. Fancy headphones. Try the Mi Ear Phones. Review said they are good. But they are kind of pricey at RM69-79. But when you compare with those branded one at RM300+, Mi Ear Phones are a steal. Another favorite of mine is by Philips. Sound is quite good and the price is about RM30-40. Here’s how it looks like

    4. A tablet/ebook. The Mi Pad 2 is not bad for a tablet.

    5. Expensive skincare product This is easily taken cared of. You know right bedak sejuk something which you use to apply on your skin when you are a kid? Apparently it contains the same ingredients as SK-II. And people paid so much for it. ? Bedak sejuk is particularity fermented rice water.

    You can also do cucumber + red tomato + virgin coconut oil + facial everyday. Blend 1/2 cucumber (save cost) + (1-1/2 tomato) + 1 tsp virgin coconut oil until it become a paste then put it on your face. Do it everynight. Wash it off in the morning.

    You can even do a DIY honey + sugar lemon scrub. Search for the recipe online. ?
    Application of sun lotion is important too. Always keep a bottle of sun lotion in your bag preferably >SPF30. Apply 10 minutes before going out . Reapply them throughout the day.
    Some other important stuff:
    Diet (type of food you eat)
    Supplements (grape seed extract, fish oil, evening prime rose)
    Avoid smoking at all cost (smoking whether real cigarette or vape accelerates aging)
    Application of raw shea butter and pure argan oil helps. That’s a reason argan oil is called the liquid gold of morocco. It protect the women skin from the harsh Sahara Desert conditions.
    For raw shea butter, I recommend either
    Nubian Heritage Raw Shea Butter Lotion (it mentioned body lotion but I used it for face as I have SD which is lifelong and won’t go away. Only choice is steroid cream or this. I choose the latter
    . OR

    Alaffia/Everyday (same brand) Shea butter

    For argan oil, I recommend the Now brand. One bottle cost about RM60-80 (already included shipping). Not cheap but you only need a few drops each time. So one bottle will last long. lol. And is worth it cause it’s a very tedious process extracting the oil. For me, it’s one of the worth paying stuff if you know how tedious the process is and it’s pure (nutty smell) and I am a guy. lol I use the argan oil in conjunction with shea butter at night. If I am going out, Shea butter it is. I can’t be carrying a bottle of oil with me. Be warned, it’s not sold in Malaysia pharmacy, and stuff sold in malaysia pharmacy are of low quality.

    You can check for reviews on for the products I mentioned.

  5. Regarding #4 Raybans – you’ll want to buy legit Raybans to protect your eyes! Pasar malam Raybans may not come with adequate UV protection. The dark lenses will make the sun easier on your eyes, but will also widen your pupils! Without good UV protection you actually expose your eyes to more UV if you wear crap sunglasses, than not wearing any sunglasses at all. (As advised by my opthamologist uncle) Think of it as a worthwhile investment against cataracts 🙂

    New reader here, hi! 😀

    1. O hai there!
      Ugh, I hate that you have a point. Now I want good sunglasses. My grandmother recently had cataract surgery 🙁

  6. I tried to buy all rounder stuff. I bought garmin instead of Miband. So it can track my activity and still be used as a watch. But i really like those Automatic watch because i don’t have to charge it…
    I’m like you too always wondering if i should get a tablet (for gaming and browsing or reading) or Kindle… But when i think back, isn’t it just the same as what my phone are doing right now?
    // What does Fancy Headphone mean? Like Bose and Marshall?

    Things i regret the most is… I bought a Ps Vita and a gaming desktop. Didn’t really have time to play game though. Kinda regret building that 3.5K gaming desktop and should have grab a gaming laptop instead =/.

    1. Hi Aiman,

      I like the idea of Kindle because it’s designed to give you a long battery life. That way when I read, I don’t kacau my own phone battery. That’s the justification anyway 😛

      On fancy headphones, I mean the hundreds of ringgit or even thousand-plus ringgit ones. Not familiar enough with the names 😛

      Sell off your PS Vita and gaming desktop la. I’m sure you can recoup some of the money back!

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