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5 Genres of Personal Finance Videos You HAVEN’T Watched

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Like many of you, I, too, enjoy a nice round of YouTube binge-watching. I mean, who doesn’t go off to YouTube when procrastinating work, amirite? AMIRITE.

The purpose of this article is two-fold:

(1) to expand your idea of what fits under the category of ‘personal finance’. Too often, ‘personal finance videos’ mean videos about saving money and investing (how-tos, advice and motivation), but I think it’s broader than that. Many of the videos I’ve listed below are not ‘classic’ personal finance videos – usually they’re lumped under the catch-all ‘lifestyle’ and/or ‘parenting’ niche – but they’re useful as personal finance references.

(If you’re looking for the stereotypical personal finance Youtube listing: 8 Malaysia-Based Personal Finance YouTube Channels to Follow)

And, (2) make myself feel a bit better about the hours I spent watching them lol. At least I can tell myself ‘this is personal finance research’ as I click on the next suggested video.

Without further adooooo

(As much as possible I prioritised Malaysians in this list, because hell yeah support Malaysian content creators)

#1 – Grocery haul videos

What is it: Videos of what people bought from the grocery store. And you also get ideas of what ingredients combination can work with each other, thus reducing kitchen waste? Love it.

#2 – How I pack my orders videos

What is it: Videos of small business owners fulfilling orders they get from actual customers! I love these because they’re not theory, they’re practical, ‘how its like’ videos.

#3 – Meal-prepping videos

What is it: Videos of people making meals ahead of time! Spending some time to prepare food in advance means easier and faster meals for the week. You’re also less tempted to get food delivery because lazy to cook*

*I said less tempted, but you’re not immune to them food delivery apps.

Also combining it with big-batch cooking videos and freezer meals videos because they’re kinda under the same category.

#4 – How much I earn as a Youtuber videos

What is it: People being transparent with how much they earn via Youtube.

Talking about salaries and income used to be taboo, but not among YouTubers it seems. There are so many videos of this genre

personal finance videos

Specific to Malaysia,

#5 – Room Makeover and organisation

What is it: Room decoration and organisation on a budget!!!

Come on, who else looked forward to decorating your own place UNTIL you found out a damn throw pillow cost like RM30? Each!

Do you know of any other alternative personal finance video genres?

Well there you have it folks. Five genres of personal finance videos that you may or may not have known before. Did any of them surprise you? I know I was surprised when I found out about the existence of grocery haul videos!

What other types of Youtube videos would you add in this list, that can fall under the category of personal finance as well as lifestyle? I’m sure there is more 🙂 What do YOU like to binge-watch on Youtube? Let me know!

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  1. I would add tech video topic, such as “affordable yet like a flagship smartphone”. Day by day, smartphone getting better and cheaper. Giving consumer more advantage

    1. Hi Affendi,

      GREAT POINT! I just searched in YT and found a bunch of ‘smartphone under RMxxxx’ genre. Nice suggestion, thank you!

      btw cool website you have there at!

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