1. I personally only do #1 (ASB). It’s the first thing I do every payday so that I don’t overspend. Other methods seem interesting too though I don’t like putting my money all over the place. Hard to keep track and more fees/charges. That’s just me tho 🙂

  2. hi ! wondering if you think its a good idea to put in tabung haji as well ? and where would tabung haji be categorised under ?

      1. thank you for crediting me , what an honour ! :’)

        Btw suraya , your blog has been amazing especially to those who are still new to personal finances. I always recommend your blogs to my peers if they wanna learn about personal finances / investments / etc.
        In a way , the way you share your content is more relatable to us , and I appreciate that !

        I do have a question tho , I see a lot of people going into the stock market sector and I saw in your previous articles that you’re not involved in stocks that much. Is there any particular reasons why ? 🙂

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yes, that’s true. Yet many still don’t take advantage of it and fall to ponzi schemes because of financial illiteracy and trusting the wrong community leaders (ustads, teachers). It makes me angry

    1. Hi Ng,

      I don’t know exactly how it works, but in order to market to Malaysians, these companies must satisfy BNM and SC’s strict requirements. Can find out the requirements in respective websites

      That being said, nothing is 100% foolproof, and a healthy sense of scepticism is always good, so they can enhance consumer protection 🙂

  3. Hey, Suraya!
    I’ve recently heard of you from your interview on BFM.
    I am using SSPNi for my emergency fund. May I know your opinion on saving in SSPNi please?


    1. Hi Allison,
      PTPTN website in link above states that you can withdraw funds from SSPNi anytime, so I guess yeah you can use it as emergency funds, in theory.
      I’m not sure if there are any, but I feel like there’s a catch somewhere, despite that link. After all SSPNi is devised and marketed as a financial tool for parents to save for their children’s education

      edit: I found this article that states you must wait at least 3 years before you can withdraw the money out? https://therohani.com/cara-keluarkan-duit-sspn/

      1. I think the 3 years clause is inaccurate. I did take out my kid’s one after a few months to invest elsewhere..

    1. Based on what I read, that’s not a bad idea, as a diversification strategy. Especially if you’re bearish on MYR. Be careful of their conversion rates and T&Cs though. I’m not familiar with foreign currency rates

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