Cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia
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3 Ways to Get Cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia

This short and sweet article will give you three ways to get cheaper Spotify Premium in Malaysia.  It comes with the following disclaimer.

Pre-article disclaimer: I am not accountable for whatever happens to your Spotify accounts should you use any of these tips, including but not limited to suspended accounts and extra charges. That said, the chances of that happening is very small.

First way – Get on a Family instead of an Individual Plan

As of the time of writing, the Individual Plan costs RM14.90 per month, or RM178.80 per year. The Duo Plan costs RM19.80 per month, or RM237.60 per year or RM118.80 per person.

But a Family Plan, which can cover up to six people cost RM23.80 per month or RM285.60 per year. Divide RM285.60 by six people and it’s just RM47.60 per person, per year.

The catch is that someone must be responsible to hold the main account. They will make the payment to Spotify via their account as well as assign account keys to the other five people. The main account holder will also have to chase the rest for payments, so the effective way is to collect the money upfront.

Important point: All six of you need to key in the exact same address.

Second way – DELETED

Deleted because it’s technically piracy.

Third way – Keep an eye out for deals

Some of the expired and ongoing deals:

  • [ONGOING] GrabRewards Gold and Platinum users can enjoy 3 months of Spotify Premium Plan for free
  • [EXPIRED] Spotify used to offer 3-month Spotify Premium Plan for just RM2.
  • [EXPIRED] Maxis’ ONEPlan has an option to get 1-year Spotify Premium Plan for RM1, if you lock your phone plan in a 2-year contract.
  • [EXPIRED] Via Hotlink, you can get 3-month Spotify Premium Plan for RM14.90

Note: List is not exhaustive, just the ones I know. If you know more, please comment and share.

Enjoy your ad-free music and podcast 🙂 Personally for me, it’s worth it.

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  1. There’s a thread in Lowyat Forums that offers the Family Plan sharing, though its between strangers. Not sure how effective it is, never tried it before, but those who really wants to can give it a try?

  2. Hi Suraya, what about the clause that states that members of the plan must live in the same physical address? I have heard about Spotify verifying this info and removing people from the family premium if members of the family plan do not live together. Is this true?

    1. Hey Amsyar – so use the same address for everyone. Have heard about Spotify coming down on this, but overall still okay. If it makes you nervous, use the other options

  3. Hi. What should I do, I was about to pay my premium but they said my number is not valid and when I want to pay via visa they said I need to change payment method.

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