Budget Update November 2020
Suraya's Monthly Budget Update

Budget Update: November 2020 – I Got Married :)

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Budget Update November 2020

Budget Update: November 2020

In November 2020, I spent RM14,369.99. The top 3 categories and top expenses within the categories were:

  • Business – Reprinted Money Stories from Malaysians Vol 2 (stock ran out!), Payment for CFP Module 1 out of 4
  • Donations & Gift – Present for mom, various tips and donations
  • Misc Wants – Teeth whitening session, skincare products, books

My Spending Breakdown in November 2020

Here’s what I spent on in the whole month of November 2020, in their respective categories and from highest to lowest amount:

Budget Update November 2020


Yay of the Month:

#1 – Got married 🙂

Among the first few topics of conversations I had with my partner and his side of the family + friends is my tweet going viral on Twitter LOL. Last I checked, this tweet recorded 1.06 million impressions (!!!).

Thank you for all the well-wishes. I’m blissfully happy.


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#2 – Appeared on Minggu Saham Digital

Definitely one of my 2020 highlights, thanks everyone who tuned in and shared with me your kind feedback, that’s very sweet of you!

You can watch the full video here.


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#3 – Taking CFP course

Decided to do something about my Impostor Syndrome – enrolled myself in CFP course, so I can be a CFP holder. You can read Part one here: My CFP Journey, Part 1: Why, Where and How Much to Be A Certified Financial Planner in Malaysia

#4 – 11.11 Sale

I went on a budgeted-for, guilt-free shopping spree on 11.11 and bought skincare, books, groceries and even one pair of gold hoops!

The price-checker extension REALLY helped. I decided not to buy a few items because it was on ‘fake sale’.


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#5 – Bitcoin reached All-Time High!

I *don’t* encourage speculation-as-as-an-investment-strategy, even though ngl I’m glad I did.

Here’s a super-defensive post detailing why I choose to keep a large percentage of my net worth in crypto: Breakdown of My (SUPER HIGH RISK) Investment Portfolio

#6 – Bought a Critical Illness plan

Finally I have all three: Medical Card, Personal Accident, and Critical Illness.

My monthly commitment for insurance now is RM338.26, combined. Have to be okay with this adult purchase :’)

Related: 9 Things You MUST Know Before You Buy Insurance in Malaysia

#7 – Received RM150 Lazada voucher

I won a lucky draw from InvestSmart event and got RM150 in Lazada voucher! Used that to buy some grocery items and a bokashi bin


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#8 – Misc

  • Read one book: Data, A Love Story: How I Cracked The Online Dating Code to Meet My Match by Amy Webb. This is such an awesome book! I find it inspiring how she studied algorithms of online dating sites, applied best practices so it gives her profile an advantage and eventually found her partner by working with the algorithm instead of against it. 
  • As well as one comic: Covidballz by Bro, Don’t Like That La Bro. The series is one of the best things about the pandemic, it gave me so much joy and chuckles. Happy to support by purchasing.
  • Treated myself to a house-cleaning session for the first time.

Nay of the Month:

#1 – High groceries bill

As predicted, last month’s super-low groceries bill achieved through eat-out-the-pantry challenge resulted in major restocking and high groceries bill for November 2020, totalling RM910.33.

I wonder how much my expenses will change, now that I’m buying for 2 people.

Note to self: re-read 5 Things I Did To Reduce My Damn High Groceries Bill article

#2 – Kind of regretted doing teeth whitening?

Don’t get me wrong, the results were all right. It’s just.. this is just a vanity thing. As a daily coffee drinker, the results won’t last that long, 6 months to 1 year max. I don’t know if that is worth RM849 (which is on the lower side as far as professional teeth whitening sessions go, but still).

Things to Look Forward to:

  • Married life <3
  • The usual December rush to self-contribute to EPF and PRS, and pay zakat – I want the tax relief and exemption!
  • Starting Money Stories from Malaysians Vol 3 process!

What’s your yay of the month, nay of the month, and something you’re looking forward to? Tell me in the comments section!

To read about my past monthly budget update, click here. Graphs are taken from my expense-tracking app Money Lover (find out your budgeting style)

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  1. Hi Suraya,

    I tried to add the AliPrice Shopping Assistant for Shopee ( as I am an avid shopper on Shopee than any other platforms), but is it only for use on Shopee Singapore site?

  2. Hi Suraya. One of my friends are coffee-addict too. She told me that drinking coffee using straw can reduce the teeth staining. Just sharing!

  3. Loving your website! My must read every morning now. Written by a woman and your advices are super relatable! So going to download Money Lover app!! Thanks Suraya. Selamat Pengantin Baru! <3

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