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Link Roundup #35: 10 Things to Know This Week

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Accelerate your personal finance knowledge with this regular feature on Ringgit Oh Ringgit – the Link Roundup! I promise you’ll find these 10 links informational 🙂

1.  If You Suck as an Employee, You Will Probably Suck as an Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur

“Of course there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances that make someone a better entrepreneur than an employee, but generally, you need to build the work ethic to thrive in any environment first.”

How’s this for real talk?

2. Researchers say there’s a simple way to reduce suicides: Increase the minimum wage – The Washington Post

“Researchers have found that when the minimum wage in a state increased, or when states boosted a tax credit for working families, the suicide rate decreased.”

That’s the first direct link between suicide and income level that I’ve come across. It’s something to keep in mind, knowing that suicide cases in Malaysia have been on the rise.

Employers and upper management staff members reading this, please take care of your employees, including your contract employees. I heard that re-hiring contract staff at a lower pay to increase company’s profit margins is a thing, and that’s really sad.

3. Research: When Women Are on Boards, Male CEOs Are Less Overconfident  Harvard Business Review

“Having women on the board results better acquisition and investment decisions and in less aggressive risk-taking, yielding benefits for shareholders.”

I have not invested in the stock markets yet, but I know I will pay attention to board member announcements.

4. Self-made millionaire: The simple strategy that helped increase my odds of success by 42% – CNBC

The simple strategy is goal-writing and the self-made millionaire is my latest role model obsession, Marie Forleo.

Goal-writing is not a secret or anything, but I love how Marie broke down her goal-writing process into actionable steps, which you can read in the article.

Marie released a book recently called ‘Everything Is Figureoutable’ and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

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5. This Tiny Change to Your Morning Routine Will Supercharge Your Productivity All Day, New Study Says – Inc

The tiny change mentioned is something called ‘work reattachment process’, and it’s pretty cool. Basically, you ask yourself three questions every day, before you start your work:

  • Why does the work I do matter to me? How does my work impact the lives of others?
  • Who are the people–both at work and in my personal life–who support me and my professional success?
  • What would I like to focus on today? 

Engaged employees are “more satisfied with work, more committed to work, enjoy work tasks more, perform better and help out more with extra tasks,” study co-author Charlotte Fritz comments.

6. Awkward silences are the trick to getting more money in a salary negotiation. Here’s how to use them without coming off as nervous or unprepared. – Ladders

Recently, I wrote an article about ways to earn a high salary in Malaysia. One of the ways is negotiation. Maybe you’ll want to embrace awkward silences during the process – try it, it may work in your favour.

7. 6 Simple Ways to Use a Bullet Journal to Manage Your Money –  The Penny Hoarder

Journaling enthusiasts, definitely check out this article. They included many pictures (and a video) of pretty and practical personal finance-related layouts.

I’m a big fan of using notebooks as a tool myself. Check out my 17 Things to Include in Your Money Journal article.

8. How to Work for a Boss Who Has Unrealistic Expectations Harvard Business Review

Are you doing work that’s meant for two (or more) people? If yes, your boss has unrealistic expectations. Often, they’re not doing it out of malice – they’re simply unaware of the work burden or too optimistic.

(But if they do it because they’re too stingy to hire another staff, then jump that ship. It’s not going to get better)

So what’s a person to do? Find out in the article.

9. Winners of the 10th Annual Plutus Awards – The Plutus Foundation

Ok this is really cool. As some of you may know, I started RoR out of sheer frustration that there was lack of personal finance content that I could read as a Malaysian. Everything seemed to be geared towards the US/Canadian/Western audience.

The situation is much better now, and we have so much more Malaysia-based personal finance content creators. HOWEVER, it’s a whole other ball game for them. The have AWARDS for personal finance content creators. In multiple categories, too!

Check out all the winners from the 10th Annual Plutus Awards, as awarded by the Plutus Foundation, which was set up to ‘celebrate excellence in financial media’.

There were also awards given out for best financial products, ‘selected by a representative panel of the independent financial media’, in the following categories:

(I took out the majority of them out because they are mostly products for Americans)

  • Best Checking/Transaction Account
  • Best Savings/Money Market Account
  • Best CD Offering
  • Best Overall Bank
  • Best Alternative Banking/Payment Offering
  • Best Robo-Advisor
  • Best Online Broker
  • Best Overall Investing Company
  • Best Tax Prep Software
  • Best Debt Management Software/App
  • Best Financial Planning Tool
  • Best Overall Budgeting Software/App
  • Best Small Business Credit Card
  • Best Travel Rewards Credit Card
  • Best Cash Back Credit Card
  • Best Secured Credit Card
  • Best Overall Credit Card
  • Best Software/App for Content Creators WordPress
  • Best Advertising or Affiliate Network MediaVine

Wouldn’t it be cool if we have the same awards for Malaysia or for Asia? Oooh the wheels in my brain are turning…

10. I’m a financial adviser to 6-figure earners, and my clients have proven 5 habits keep them wealthy– Business Insider

The article is more like a PR and exposure for the author, who is a financial advisor (presumedly looking for more clients) and a blogger as well, but it’s still worth a read. The 5 habits are:

  • They refuse to settle for jobs with limited income potential
  • They have a morning routine
  • They create short-term and long-term goals
  • They are always learning
  • They don’t let failure knock their goals off track

Everything is common sense, except for the first one. I think some of you might go ‘duh’, but being in ‘earning money’ mode (as opposed to my natural state, ‘saving money’ mode) is still not intuitive for me. This article is a good reminder – I need to always improve my present earning and look for more ways to make money.

That’s it for this round, catch you next time! Want to submit a link you thought was great? Reach out to me on FB or Twitter.

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