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The Exact Steps to Do Hibah Amanah ASNB – Estate Planning for ASNB Investors

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Hurray, I have successfully submitted the paperwork for Hibah Amanah ASNB! I have completed one of the estate-planning goals on my 2022 to-do list!

This is wonderful, because I’m not just ensuring my money in ASNB (mostly my ASB investment) goes to exactly who I want, but it will also be disbursed much quicker than Wasiat/Will claim process, which will take an estimated 18 months.

*Note: if there is no estate plan or documents in place, your loved ones will wait for an estimated 3 years to access your funds

You can set up Hibah Amanah for any of the funds in ASNB. However as I did mine for ASB, I’ll be referring to it as Hibah Amanah ASB through out this article.

Now, the process to do Hibah Amanah ASB itself wasn’t hard, but admittedly the paperwork and coordination was a bit tricky. It actually took us a couple of visits and lots of clarifications from ASNB staff before we got it done.

So, I figured might as well compile what I know in one post. Hopefully the tips in this article will help you complete your Hibah Amanah ASB documents efficiently.

Step 1: Complete Pre-Registration on asnb.com.my

*You can also start directly from Step 2

You don’t have to do pre-registration, but you can. To do pre-registration, log into your ASNB account at https://www.myasnb.com.my/, select Products > Estate Planning

Next, select Apply Estate Planning and fill up the Pre-Registration document. Have these details ready:

  • Name of Donee(s) (the person(s) who receive the money)
  • Their guardians (if they are under 18 years old)
  • Their IC numbers
  • Their addresses
  • Their emails
  • Their bank and bank account numbers

You might notice 2 options are available: Hibah Amanah and Trust Declaration (or Pengistiharan Amanah).

They are more or less the same thing, except the former adheres to estate planning guidelines for Muslims, while Trust Declaration follows estate planning guidelines for non-Muslims. Both achieve the same estate planning objective – fast disbursement to whomever you want.

ASNB also has visual guides on how to fill in the pre-registration form – to learn more, go to Hibah Amanah and Trust Declaration pages.

Step 2: Print and fill up these documents

For some reason, my husband managed to complete Step 1 but I couldn’t. I don’t know what happened but my pre-registration didn’t go through, the page kept ‘hang-ing’. So I actually did it the manual way and started from Step 2.

Print out:

  • Filled-up pre-registration form (if you completed Step 1) OR Application form (PH1A for Hibah Amanah; PH1B for Trust Declaration)
  • Additional Recipients Form*
  • Power of Attorney document

*Print this if you have more than one Recipient AND didn’t complete pre-registration form. You need 1 Additional Recipients Form per 1 additional recipient

Where to find ASB hibah forms

You can find all the ASB hibah forms in the download section in both the Hibah Amanah and Trust Declaration pages. You can also get these documents at the ASNB branch.

Step 3: Get signatures AND collect certified true copies for identification documents

Steps 1 and 2 are fairly easy. Now this is the mafan part – coordination with the people involved. You need to get signatures AND collect certified true copies of identification document from:

  • Yourself
  • Recipient(s)
  • Guardian(s) (if applicable – only needed if Recipient is under 18 years old)
  • 2 Witnesses (This is for Hibah Amanah/ Muslims only – they must be male Muslim over 18 years old and of sound mind)

Getting everyone’s signatures is simple enough – you can just meet up with the papers you printed in Step 2. However, Recipients, Guardians and Witnesses must get their identification documents certified themselves. You cannot do it for them.

Who can certify identification documents?

To turn a photostate IC copy into a certified true copies of identification document, Recipients, Guardians and Witnesses must bring their IC copy to any of these people and request to get it certified:

  • ASNB Officer/ASNB Agent
  • Headman/village head (including the Community Leader/Tuai Rumah for Sabah and Sarawak)
  • Orang Asli Affairs officers
  • Human Resource officers
  • Government Officials from the professional and management group (“of they are DG41 and above, they can certify” – said the staff at ASNB branch)

(Annoyingly, most of these people are only available during work hours.)

The Recipients/Guardians/ Witnesses are busy. What are my options?

When I went to ASNB Branch, the staff gave these options:

  • Recipients, Guardians and Witnesses to meet any of the people mentioned above, complete and pass you their certified true copies of identification documents, OR
  • Recipients, Guardians and Witnesses to come WITH you during the in-person appointment for paperwork submission, OR
  • Recipients, Guardians and Witnesses to lend you their IC temporarily when you go to the branch for your appointment (most convenient option)

(In case the last one is not technically allowed, I’ll take one for the team and say no one from ASNB told me about it. It came to me in a dream)

Pick whichever option that works best. In any case, you can use the box below as reference. Put a ‘tick’ when you get it done, and ignore the boxes with N/A.

DocumentsPrinted/ Photostated?Filled and Signed?Certified True Copy / Come to ASNB / Bring their IC?
Pre-registration form / Application form + Additional Recipient form (if >1 recipient)Signatures from Donor, Recipient(s), Guardian(s) (if applicable), Witnesses (if Hibah Amanah)N/A
Power of AttorneySignature from DonorN/A
Donor IC (aka Yours)N/AN/A (of course you go ASNB with your IC, duh)
Recipient(or Recipients) ICN/A
Guardian IC (if applicable)N/A
Witness #1 IC (Hibah Amanah only)N/A
Witness #2 IC (Hibah Amanah only)N/A

(This is why I said the process is easier for non-Muslims – you don’t have the Witnesses requirement, aka fewer people to coordinate with. If you just have one Recipient, you can just go with her/him to the ASNB branch, done.)

Step 4: Book appointment at ASNB branch

As of writing time, the paperwork can only be submitted in-person at ASNB branch. You need to book an appointment, cannot just walk-in. EDIT: According to feedback, you can now walk-in to complete the process

To book an appointment with ASNB, go to ASNB Contact page > Click on your state > Select the branch you want to visit > Click Appointment

asnb appointment

Next, select Hibah Amanah / Pengistiharan Amanah, your preferred date and timeslot and your contact details.

hibah amanah

Your appointment is booked! They will also send you a reminder email one day before your appointment 🙂

Now simply show up with all documents needed (refer to Step 3 again) and the officer will sort it out. According to my officer, the confirmation documents will be mailed to you ‘in 1 month’.

Promotional Campaign: Reduced fee of RM100 instead of RM180

Now is a good time to do Hibah Amanah ASB. ASNB is currently running a Promotional Campaign – from 20 Feb 2023 until 31 December 2023, the registration fee is only RM100 instead of RM180. Save RM80!

(You can also get the registration fee completely waived if you add RM20,000 in your ASNB fund. The staff said the RM20k must be NEW aka fresh fund, not already existing in account. I asked)

Read the full Terms and Conditions of Pewarisan ASNB Campaign here.

Additional FAQs:

#1 – Is this only for Hibah Amanah ASB? Can I hibah ASW or other ASNB funds?

Yes, you can do Hibah Amanah / Trust Declaration for any ASNB funds you have. The requirement is minimum RM1000 in the fund.

#2 – What other Hibah Amanah fees do I need to pay?

Aside from the one-off RM100 registration fee, the following fees apply:

  • Annual administration fee – RM10
  • [If needed] Subsequent registration – RM90
  • [If needed] Add or change recipient/guardian/fund – RM20
  • [If needed] Revocation – RM70

The other fee you should know is Claim fee, or the fee deducted from your investment balance before disbursed to your beneficiaries. The rate and sample calculation are as per below:

#3 – What if I don’t have enough money in ASNB to do Hibah Amanah?

If you don’t have ASNB investment, or not enough to do Hibah Amanah (the minimum is RM1000), then you can do hibah takaful. It’s like life insurance, just RM50 or so per month to leave behind six-figure inheritance.

#4 – I understand Hibah Amanah ASNB is only for ASNB funds. How do I do estate planning for my other money/assets?

The most professional option is to get advice from financial planner, who is also able to optimise your financial life for you (go ahead and also ask if your current insurance/takaful is comprehensive or not, whether your investment portfolio diversification is okay or not, etc).

Otherwise, you can read my Wasiat, Hibah, Trust: 3 Tools to Circumvent Faraid / Islamic Inheritance Laws in Malaysia article.

Any other questions? You can refer Hibah Amanah and Trust Declaration pages, or contact ASNB for further info.

Lastly, this article is based on my experience; if there are conflicting information from here and as given by ASNB staff, please follow the latter.

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  1. Thanks Suraya for the write up, super helpful! Planning to do it for me & family, hopefully can settle in one day since you shared the tips & tricks.

    1. Update: I did it yesterday at PNB Jalan Tun Razak, just walk in, no need saksi. Here’s what the officer told me, if you bring all your penerima with you to ASB office, then no need to do the saksi & certified true copy steps. Exact steps as below:

      – Walk in, tell them you want to do hibah, they will explain to you then give you form and ask for your IC & IC penerima (they will make copies)
      – Fill up form and take number.
      – Officer will check your form, pay RM100 for registration (promo until end of the year – RM180 if no promo)
      – Wait for contract to be draft up <1 hour (we go makan while waiting)
      – Sign the contract
      – Go to pesuruhjaya sumpah to sign (there's one counter for pesuruhjaya sumpah there), pay RM 10
      – Done, balik

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