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Everything I Bought from Lazada (2014 – 2017)

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I like Lazada – been using them since 2014.

I also like analysing what I bought. In this post, I’d like to share 3 years’ worth of personal data, along with commentaries on the products. Specifically, were they worth buying or not?

Let’s dive right into it!

4 Piece Ceramic Knife Set with Holder. Not worth it. Chipped upon first use. Complained and managed to return the product and get a refund. Since then, decided to stick to metal knives.

Pineng PN968 Powerbank 10000mAh Grey. Not worth it. Works fine for a few months, then it became unreliable. It would show 99% full charge one minute then 28% the next. I think I threw it away.

Trio 2.0 liter Jug Kettle. Not worth it. Electric kettles made of plastic does not feel safe to use at all. Used it for a few weeks before buying an aluminium version.

Pensonic Water Filter. Worth it. To save money on clean drinking water for everyday use, I boil water, let it cool, then run it through one of these filters. I replace them maybe once a year – sometimes due to cracks, sometimes due to moss that I can’t seem to kill. Beats paying RM100+ monthly for those Coway water filter things.

Koch Double-Sided Pan. Worth it. Aside from the rubber thingy in the middle coming loose, these pans are a joy to use. My parents have one and they make simple but incredible fish dishes with it. It’s literally blend paste + fish + put in pan on low-medium heat for 20 mins. They’re annoying to wash though.

(another) Pineng Powerbank (import version) 15000mAh. Not worth it. Should have learnt my lesson the first time around. I thought the import version would be better, and the reviews were okay. No such luck. I’ve since sworn off Pineng products.

King Size Multi-functional wardrobe. Not worth it. Tears easily. Annoying to assemble. I guess it’s ok for a temporary place, but definitely not suitable for long-term use. Mine barely lasted a year.

Lenovo Flex 2-14. SUPER WORTH IT. It was around RM2.1k if I remember correctly. Look at those specs! i5, 8GB ram, 500GB HDD. At 2kg plus, it’s a bit heavy and chunky, but great device for the price. Touchscreen, too.

Foam roller. Worth it, considering Sports Direct was selling it at twice the price. In the end I didn’t really use it and sold it off on Carousell.

Xiaomi Mi-Band. Worth it. I liked using this fitness band, mostly because it tracked my steps and did this gentle buzz when my alarm goes off in the morning. I lost the device while vacationing in Krabi though. I guess I liked it, but not enough to buy it again.

U-mobile RM50 reload. SUPER WORTH IT. If you still use prepaid, take this advice: buy from ecommerce website and combine cashbacks from available vouchers, Shopback and credit card. I’ve gotten up to 10% cashback in total via this method, which is awesome for something I have to buy anyway. Related: Hack: Get cheaper prepaid in Malaysia

Lenovo K4 Note. Worth it. It’s a great device, recommended from SoyaCincau’s best smartphone under RM1000 list in 2016. No longer using it despite only 1+plus old because I stupidly dropped and cracked the screen. The cost of screen replacement was high, so I bought a new phone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, which was recommended in SoyaCincau’s best smartphones under RM1200 list in 2017.

Umobile RM100 reload. Skipping this because already explained above.

Remax Safe Charge Speed Data USB Cable. Not worth it. Stick to original cables, scared after those cases of exploding phones.

15 Colours Concealer Palette. Not worth it. Was an impulse purchase simply because it was on sale. Doesn’t blend well.

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank 10000mAh. SUPER WORTH IT. Dependable, sleek, non-bulky. Been using it for a year, the juice still strong.

Mouth guards. Worth it. I have bruxism aka I grind my teeth at night, while sleeping. Didn’t want to shell out RM300 or so for custom mouth guards, so I used a hack found on YouTube. Soak it in warm-hot water and while it’s flexible, mold it around your teeth. Works well enough, and stopped the damage.  Bought a couple of versions as backup and options, both works.

Bean Bag. Not worth it for me, but only because I have cats. Cat hair sticks to it like crazy, and super hard to brush it off. Ended up throwing it away. It was fun having a bean bag… until you find out that it gives you back pains.

Fusta Chair. Worth it. It’s a basic, sturdy chair made of wood. Fits my home decor and matches the basic white dining table bought from IKEA.

42L Electric oven. Worth it. Much cheaper online than offline. The free frying pan is horrible quality though, I don’t use that at all. I bake roast chickens and cookies with it, very dependable.

Quilt Cover Set with Pillow Cases. Worth it. Comfy and available in multiple basic colours. Looking for basic colours for bedding products was surprisingly hard. I don’t want to see vivid patterns before I sleep, you know what I mean?

Induction cooker. Worth it, even if it means I can’t use my non-induction cooker-compatible cookware anymore. I still prefer gas, but my apartment building doesn’t allow that, so. I’m enjoying this product though. Can boil water damn fast.

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Not sure if worth it, it never came. Asked about it and was refunded. I think the sellers regretted putting it at too low a price during that time (some sale was going on).

Phillips Handheld Garment Steamer. Worth it. My apartment is small and I didn’t want to waste room for an ironing board. Works well, and steams water quite fast.

Solar Power Water Pump. Not worth it. OK, so I got this to do a DIY aquaponic project. The idea is to make a self-sustaining mini-ecosystem where I can raise fish and plant vegetables for consumption. Have since abandoned the idea, but anyway, this product was really flimsy. The solar panel stopped working after a few months. If I had fish then, they would all die.

Premium Clay Pebbles (LECA). Not worth it. Offered it for donation, and the guy who picked it up told me they are sold for way cheaper at gardening shops rather than at Lazada.

Khind Hand Blender. SUPER WORTH IT. I use it to blend my protein shakes, whisk egg whites for fluffy cakes, finely chop onions, make homemade chili paste, blend broccoli cheese soup and more. Love this kitchen gadget.

Foldable Oval Shape Dining Table. I cancelled this order, so this doesn’t count. Decided to get a table from IKEA instead.

MilkLab Almond Milk. SUPER WORTH IT. Creamiest almond milk I’ve ever had in my life. They’ve since raised the price (and last I checked, no longer available), so that makes me sad. I bought at least 12 boxes from Lazada I think.

Xiaomi Earphones. Worth it. Good quality for affordable price. At this point I was already a Xiaomi fangirl, so it was an easy decision.

Fitted Bed Sheet. Worth it. Soft, comfortable and in a basic colour. To replace my last bedsheet which suffered, em, an accident. Women will know.

Flew Pillow. SUPER WORTH IT. It was like RM17.90 for two pillows, ridiculously cheap. To replace my previous pillows – old ones that I stole from my parents’ house lol. I guess anything is an improvement after using 10-year-old pillows.

Cotton Fabric Comforter. Worth it. An extra layer of comfort. I sleep better with this.

Mineral Pot Water Dispenser 17L. Not worth it, only because the seller did not include a component (the dome ceramic filter was missing). I think I’ll stick to buying these offline. It’s not like it’s cheaper online, too.

Surface Pro 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Worth it. Necessary purchase for the newly-bought laptop.

Surface Pro 4 Flip Case. Super worth it. SP4 cases are kinda hard to find, and the SP3 versions in Harvey Norman was like RM200-plus bucks. This one was RM99, and looks good.

Midea Vacuum Cleaner. SUPER WORTH IT. Can’t believe this product is under RM100. Daily sweeps are a bit more bearable now. I like that the dust container is transparent so I can make fun of the dirt, in a ‘oh you thought you can escape me issittt NO YOU DON’T MISTER’ way.

Reflecting back from past Lazada purchases

  • ‘Worth it’ count: 15
  • ‘SUPER WORTH IT’ count: 8
  • ‘Not worth it’ count: 11
  • N/A (didn’t arrive, cancelled order): 2

Statistically, I’m happy with 23 out of 36 orders, or 64% of my orders. That’s one in three chance of not being happy with a product bought online, for whatever reason.

Electronics, electronic accessories and home products make the bulk of super worth it purchases. Not only they tend to be cheaper online, but their reviews in Lazada make it easy to find good-quality, value-for-money products.

Although having said that, it’s not a foolproof method. I still regretted some purchases, but eh at least I tell myself that those mistakes could’ve been costlier if I bought them offline.

Most of the things I bought online, I bought out of necessity after hard to find them offline, or if it was more expensive offline. I also bought some of them because it was too bulky to buy them in person, like that oven (I don’t have a car).

Overall, I won’t stop buying from Lazada. Good experience overall. Plus with Shopback (note: referral link) cashback credit cards, I get a small amount of money back. Added savings are always awesome.

What’s your best purchases from Lazada? Can you share them here?

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