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I Made Thousands in Affiliate Income: My Involve Asia Review

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This is my Involve Asia review as someone who has used the platform for over 2 years and earned thousands from it.

In case you’re not familiar, Involve Asia is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms in Malaysia and Asia. With over 1000 brands in its platform, they allow everyone to earn commission (read: extra income) by promoting various products and services.

You can sign up with this link, or click the image below.

Earning via Involve Asia is pretty straightforward:

  • Sign up to the platform
  • Pick brands you want to promote (some require you to apply in advance)
  • Write and edit your content – make sure it suits your target audience
  • Publish the post along with your affiliate link
  • Hopefully someone buys
  • Withdraw your income after the transaction is validated (may take a few months) AND after you hit minimum withdrawal amount (RM80)

Involve Asia Review: Is it legit? Can really earn money?

Yes, Involve Asia is legit, at least from my experience. I have made withdrawals of my earnings to my bank account multiple times with no problems. To date, I have earned ~RM3000.

involve asia affiliate review

Coincidentally, as of writing time, I am also waiting for USD5,273 or around ~RM23k in earnings to be validated. Once validated, it will be available for withdrawal.

Don’t be too impressed with the amount, I probably won’t get the full RM23k. That’s because…

Estimated earnings =/= successful conversion

The RM23k is estimated earnings, not successful conversion. The two are not the same.

I learned this the hard way. Previously, I promoted a similar product and only a third of the recorded earning resulted in successful conversion. The dashboard said I got RM6k in estimated earnings, but I only got RM2k.

What happened with the Involve Asia payment?

When my dashboard showed my Involve Asia payment reduced from RM6k to RM2k without notice, I was livid. You’d be too – RM4k is a lot to lose!

I emailed my account manager and after a few attempts, they finally replied and explained. It turns out the reduced income is due to the type of product I was promoting having a high rejection rate.

In short: Some products are straightforward purchases (think Shopee, Zalora purchases), while others require extra validation. Mine was the latter, thus my income was lower than originally projected.

So yeah, something I learned by experience. Estimated earnings are not necessarily successful conversion, so don’t get too excited over high estimated earning amount, and definitely don’t pre-spend the money until it’s available for withdrawal.

Can you earn a lot of money as Involve Asia affiliate?

Personally, I have earned thousands as an Involve Asia affiliate, but not regularly. It just so happened that one of my recent attempts was wildly successful. Most months, I only earn a couple of ringgits here and there. I concentrate most of my efforts on other referral programmes and income generation methods instead.

The reason I don’t earn that much from Involve Asia is simple: As a personal finance blogger, I try not to deviate too much outside of the Finance niche, so that significantly reduces my options. I’m also choosy and don’t promote certain things (like personal loans, forex etc), so that reduces my options even more.

However, when I do find good products to share, I believe they are good. That’s why I got that RM23k in estimated earning within 3 weeks.

Note: I’m not even going to pretend I am good at affiliate marketing, because others are way better at it, no contest. Top affiliate marketers in Malaysia earn five-figure incomes every month*!

*I tried to look for the source but unfortunately can’t find it at writing time. If you know the link, please share in the comments

I may have my limitations, but you don’t. If you are a lifestyle content creator, or even a regular consumer and social media user, you have way more products and services you can promote across various niches, including:

  • Electronics,
  • Fashion,
  • Finance,
  • Health & Beauty,
  • Marketplace,
  • Services, and
  • Travel
You can sort by category easily

So you can promote whatever you want. As long as you consistently create interesting content alongside your affiliate links, you’ll be able to get some sales and earn via affiliate marketing in no time.

Best practices to earn money via affiliate marketing in Malaysia

“But Suraya, I don’t have many followers”

You want to know something? Most of the top affiliate marketers don’t have a lot of followers. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a high follower count to earn via affiliate marketing.

Instead, they:

  • Are good at copywriting, and
  • Are familiar with at least one type of digital marketing (be it SEO or social media marketing or whatever), and…
  • Are contributors in huge Facebook groups

The first and second are obvious, but the last one blew my mind when I first learned about it.

But for real, that’s what many top affiliate marketers in Malaysia do. They didn’t limit product promotion on their own social media page with limited followers/friends. Instead, they posted in Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands, even a million members.

Which Facebook groups? There are so many of them, but here are a few examples to show what I mean:

In the groups, you’ll find various product recommendations from contributors along with their affiliate links. Some of them are drafted so well, they get thousands of shares beyond the group too!

So if you want to try out affiliate marketing to earn extra income, but worried that you don’t have the followers count for it, don’t worry, it’s not a requirement. Go ahead and join the groups and study what types of posts do well, and try it for yourself.

My recommendation is, do a 30-in-30 challenge where you create at least one post a day – the more you post, and the more consistently you post, the higher the chance of you making sales.

It’s worth remembering the Pareto Principle here: 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your posts.

Involve Asia Review and Verdict: Good place for beginner affiliate marketers to start earning

All in all, I like my experience with Involve Asia:

  • They have many established brands that people already know and trust
  • I love the fact that they have both Shopee AND Lazada marketplaces – this means you have countless products and services to promote in one platform, you don’t need to apply separately
  • It’s free to start, no upfront capital needed

As you can see, while I have some ups and downs with this affiliate marketing platform, I’m still a big fan of it. I think affiliate marketing is excellent for people looking to earn extra income, and you get to learn sales and marketing at the same time too.

I’ll end this Involve Asia review here. Share with me your experience with affiliate marketing in the comments, and how you are improving your sales and conversions. Would love to hear your best practices 🙂

You can sign up with Involve Asia with this link, or click the image below.

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