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12 Referral Programmes in Malaysia I Signed Up to Earn RM1000++ a Month

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In this article, I would like to share with my fellow content creators – both current, future and even casual ones – the referral programmes in Malaysia that I have experience in using, plus the amount of income they have generated for me so far.

Some disclaimers before we start:

  • My strategy with product promotion is it must be a win-win-win situation for all parties – my audience (primary consideration), myself, and the company.
  • Results may vary for you. I’m just sharing how these affiliate programs have worked for me, a personal finance blogger with an audience who identifies as money nerds (own it and say it with pride, fellow money nerds)
  • My primary platforms are this website (, Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes I post on Instagram, but not that consistently. You can still earn money from affiliate marketing even if all you have is your social media – use the networks you already have because word-of-mouth is incredibly powerful!

With those in mind, here we go. The referral programmes here are listed in 4 categories: e-commerce websites, fintech platforms, lifestyle, and direct partnership (the one that most people don’t know about).

Category: Ecommerce platform

#1 – Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia

Who haven’t heard of or seen Shopee affiliate links by now 🙂 Basically how it works is you will earn a commission if someone purchases the product you recommended through your own generated link.

You can register to Shopee Affiliate Program Malaysia directly on the Shopee Affiliate page.

Important: You must abide by Shopee Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions, or your account might be suspended.

#2 – Lazada Affiliate Program Malaysia

Similar to #1, you can also promote any item that is listed on Lazada platform and register for Lazada Affiliate Program Malaysia directly from the Lazada affiliate page.

#3 – Shopback

Shopback is not technically an e-commerce platform but it houses many big stores, which Shopback users can click from to earn cashback.

Shopback gives you RM5 when the person you refer spends a minimum of RM25 through their platform and their cashback turns redeemable. (The second part of the sentence is important. Some cashbacks take 60, 75 days to turn redeemable, so it’s not instant.)

#4 – InvolveAsia

InvolveAsia is an affiliate marketing platform where it lists many opportunities to promote more products and companies, some which may already use and love. You can join InvolveAsia and start promoting (and get RM5 bonus too).

Category: Fintech services

#5 – BigPay

  • Type: Ewallet with debit card

BigPay gives you RM10 when the person you refer download the app through your link and activates their card. In return, they get extra RM10.

BigPay used to be easier to promote back when you HAD to get the card to avoid the card fees when you buy AirAsia tickets. Now their only selling point is the good exchange rate (which is still a good selling point imho). They’re also easy for lifestyle bloggers to promote – insert it in your traveling-related content and posts.

#6 – Luno

  • Type: Digital asset investment platform

Luno gives you RM25 in bitcoin when the person you refer buys a minimum of RM250 worth of cryptocurrency. In return, they also get extra RM25 in bitcoin.

The flunctuation in value can be a double-edged sword. If you received RM25 in bitcoin and the price drops, too bad. But on the flip side I’ve also earned btc when the price was super low years ago, so the RM25 I earned per referral effectively turned into RM250 per referral if I sell it now. If you don’t need the money, just keep it in btc and pray for the price to go up.

EDIT: Luno has an upgraded their referral programmes in Malaysia where top affiliates are given higher payout. For example, if you buy RM500, get RM50 in BTC (instant 10% ROI) with my code ‘LNSURAYA50′ (valid for new users only).

Steps: Open a new account at > Go to REWARDS > Choose ENTER CODE > Enter the given promo code > Click Apply Code > Deposit the minimum amount required > Buy the minimum transaction amount > Get rewarded with the additional Bitcoin.]

#7 – Funding Societies

  • Type: Peer-to-peer lending platform

Funding Societies gives you RM30 when the person you refer invests a minimum of RM1000 in their platform. Their incentive to use your link: they also get extra RM30.

The money will be deposited right into your account, which you can use to re-invest (thus making you more money, if everything goes well). You can also withdraw the money out to your bank account.

#8 – Wahed Invest

  • Type: Digital investment platform

Most of my income from Wahed Invest referral comes from The Ultimate Wahed Invest Review (2.5 Years In, RM11,000 Invested) article.

Wahed Invest gives you RM10 when the person you refer invests a minimum of RM100 in their platform using your code. Their incentive to use your link: they also get extra RM10.

Like Funding Societies, the money will be deposited into your account and re-invested. You can withdraw it out if you wish.

Category: Lifestyle

#9 – Yoodo

  • Type: Telco plan with pay-for-what-you-need option
affiliate marketing malaysia

Yoodo gives you RM20 in credit when the person you refer signs up and activates their line. In return, they get RM20 in credit too.

Category: Direct partnerships

Note: This is a special category that is especially negotiated between myself and these companies and not available to the public. Basically what happened was they reached out to me OR I reached out to them and proposed a mutually beneficial arrangement because I genuinely like the product

#10 – RinggitPlus Financial Planning

  • Type: Financial Planning service
ringgitplus financial planner

Use code ‘Suraya50’ to get RM50 off any of the RinggitPlus Financial Planning Packages.

#11 – Financial Behaviour Test

  • Type: Financial Planning test

I love this product so much and got so much benefit from it that I asked the person offering the service if I could help sell it. You can find it here.

#12 – Vending Machine

  • Type: Side hustle

I personally ventured into the vending machine business, found it interesting and worth it, and asked to join the referral program.

Other referral programmes in Malaysia

I won’t pretend this is a comprehensive list of referral programmes in Malaysia – it’s not, far from it. This list only contains products and services that:

  1. I personally use. I actually take a lot of pride in making sure my content, though contains referral links, is as objective and transparent as possible. And part of that is being an actual user.
  2. Satisfies my ethics threshold. There are more referral programmes out there that I haven’t tried (and will never try). For what it’s worth: I’ll never promote get-rich-quick platforms, MLMs (ALL of them), Forex platforms, gambling platforms and those in similar vein
  3. Are worth my time and effort. I’ve dabbled with others like Boost, FoodPanda and Fave. But some of the rewards are so small (RM1 and below per successful referral) and some have incredibly limiting Terms & Conditions (‘up to 10 referrals only’) that I didn’t think they were worth my time and energy to focus on, when there are bigger rewards out there to reap.

Aside from those, there are also super niche referral programmes in Malaysia from individual companies and organisations which I haven’t tried, like refer-a-friend programs for education (lots of universities and colleges do this), properties, financial products, headhunting and others.

What is your experience with referral programmes in Malaysia?

Which of the above have you tried, and have you had success with it? Have you tried any other referral programmes in Malaysia? What tips do you have to maximise conversion? Do you use any particular strategy?

As always, do share your knowledge with us in the comments section. While you’re at it, put your ref links in too 🙂

Support a content creator, share this article :)

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  1. I tried Shopback and Involve Asia. Shopback is great although it takes longer to withdraw. Involve Asia, ermmm. Not a fan. Some of my sales are still pending.

    Other than that, I do promote other affiliate products in websites like Klikjer, Onpay, Maideasy and HappyFresh.

    I got quite a lot of sales from Klikjer. I wrote few articles on certain products and it keeps on generating sales.

    I just started Onpay last 2 months but on and off. So, it doesn’t really show good result.

    I stopped promoting Maideasy and HappyFresh because I got lazy.

    I like your referral list in the article. Definitely gonna try some of them and be active on promoting them next year 😀

    1. Hi Fadzi,

      Thank you for your insights and recommendations! Definitely going to test out Klikjer and see if it’s suitable 😀 Great portal you have there at, enjoyed your 10 jenis kuih talam post!

  2. Hi Suraya,

    Thanks for your great sharing! This article will definitely help me to earn some side income when I start to launch my finance blog. It is wise of you to find the referral program that worth your time to share with a bigger return. 🙂

    1. Hi Marcus,

      You’re welcome, and thanks for dropping by! All the best with your future blog, do share after its up 🙂

  3. Although not cash, but I managed to earned a few thousand airasia bigpoints through Rakuten Trade Referral. Rakuten Trade is by far the most convenient stock trading account, it also comes with a referral program that earns you 500 RT points (Equivalent to 500 AirAsia Big Points) per referral. Account opening takes only one working day.

    Do use this code below if you decide to open a trading account with Rakuten Trade.


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