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Link Roundup #81: 10 Things to Know This Week

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Accelerate your personal finance knowledge with this regular feature on Ringgit Oh Ringgit – the Link Roundup! I promise you’ll find these 10 links informational 🙂

1. Why young people are giving up saving post-pandemic – The Face

“The future is bleak. So why do I even need to save for it.”

This is a new nuance to personal finance discussion – young people who feel so helpless over their situation – climate change, pandemic, financial situation etc – and have decided to just give up saving money for an uncertain future, in favour of happiness (and distractions) today.

How do you even convince this generation that saving money is important, if they (1) don’t make enough of it to save a meaningful amount, and (2) they think that climate change will speed up human extinction, so nothing else matters than collecting good experiences with loved ones today?

Food for thought indeed.

2. Binance Banned In Malaysia. So How Now? – RinggitPlus

Those of you in the cryptocurrency scene must have heard of the Binance ban in Malaysia. Starting from 16 August 2021, your IP will be blocked from accessing Binance dot com.

If you are a Binance user and have crypto in there, you have the following options:

  • Leave your crypto in Binance. You won’t be able to access it but the funds will still be in there. If you are technologically advanced internet user, you might still be able to access (don’t ask me how, SC may be watching me)
  • Take out all your funds from Binance and move it to (1) exchanges registered in Malaysia, and/or (2) other international exchanges not banned (yet) like Kucoin and Huobi
  • Alternatively, if you practice good digital security habits, you can go full DeFi and use non-custodial wallets to store your cryptocurrencies. Get yourself a Ledger (from authorised resellers only please!), and learn how to use Metamask and Trust Wallet.

This topic is so popular, even mainstream personal finance covered it. Here’s Hann Liew of RinggitPlus explaining more:

3. “I Hate My Job”: 7 Ways to Cope With a Job You Can’t Stand – Fatherly

According to therapists and career experts, here are some ways to cope with a job you hate:

  • Remember Your “Why”
  • Focus on small, daily wins
  • Reward yourself
  • Protect your time at home
  • Take micro-breaks throughout the work day
  • Talk to your boss
  • Plan your exit

Maybe it’s just me, but #7 is my favourite. It’s okay to exit if you plan for it.

Click on the article to learn more in-depth on each method to cope.

4. I’ve Applied For 52 Jobs, Here’s What I’ve Learned – Refinery 29

Continuing from the previous article, one of the things that can help you quit a job you hate is having another job lined up. However, that can be an easier-said-than-done situation. Many people are unemployed and even more are underemployed. Unless you are lucky (with connections, or with high-demand skills), you can expect the job search to take some time.

So, it is important for you to hold on to your sense of self during this time. Remember: You are a worthy human being even without a job title. Hang in there and all the best.

5. Want to Be Happier? Science Says Avoid the Effect of Relative Deprivation on Fulfillment and Satisfaction – Inc

British Journal of Social Psychology overview says relative deprivation occurs when “persons may feel deprived of some desirable thing relative to their own past, other persons or groups, or some other social category.”

Or in non researcher-speak, relative deprivation occurs when we realize other people have things we don’t … and then start to think we should.

Even if we don’t need them.

Or, in many cases, had previously never thought we wanted them.

TL;DR – don’t compare yourself to others! That’s the fastest way to be dissatisfied with your own life! To be happy, know what’s important for YOU and pursue that aggressively, and forget about the rest.

6. 15 most annoying things people do on Zoom calls, according to a new survey – Ladders

Which of these video call pet peeves annoy you the most?

(Surprised by eating food. People do that??)

Video call pet peeves

7. How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer in Malaysia –

This is a long but resource-packed article on becoming a freelance digital marketer in Malaysia. It covers:

  • How to become a freelance digital marketer in Malaysia
  • How much you can earn as a freelance digital marketer in Malaysia
  • Where to find the best digital marketing jobs in Malaysia
  • And more

The way I did it is different – I’m an accidental digital marketer. What happened was I started a blog on a topic I love (personal finance), and learned the marketing skills on the way (because I want people to read what I write).

8. 8 Malaysian Brands That Support Social & Environmental Causes – Zafigo

When you feel like shopping but don’t want to feel *too* guilty over it.

9. The smartest people use a simple model and these 6 phrases to say ‘no’ when they need to, says CEO—here’s how it works – CNBC Make It

What I LOVED about this article is the example phrases provided to say no. Here they are:

“May I take a day to get back to you?”
Buy yourself time to work the Hourglass. When the interpersonal contact is broken, the intellect engages, better quipping you to make rational decisions.

“I can do it for you this time, but I can’t do it for you every time.
Ease a demanding person back slowly from their expectations, and set up a future no.

“It does not [or will not] work for me to … ”
This clause is a marvelous neutral beginning to any no. Be cautious of harshness in your tone.

“I can’t, but here’s another option for you.”
Share an alternative or suggestion in place of you being able to help.

“It’s not good for me now, but let’s look ahead in our calendars.”
Be careful not to use a delay to avoid a necessary no. Of course, if timing is really the issue, then push the commitment back.

“Sorry, no.”
Yes, this is a complete sentence. Get it out and say nothing more.

Very useful for me personally! I used to find it hard to decline people but now can do it better. Have to learn, if not I’ll over-commit and can’t do my best work.

10. Are Investments Only For The Rich And Wealthy? – BFM80.9 RUMIT

Thanks BFM89.9 RUMIT team for having me in this video!

The point I really like here is the ‘money compass’ concept – how everyone’s idea of money is influenced by, whether positively or negatively.

And that might be why some people are afraid to invest – they never had the supportive environment where money is discussed as an enabler, only as a hindrance (lack of money, that is), therefore the resulting behaviour is saving but not necessarily investing them.

That’s it for this round, catch you next time! Want to submit a link you thought was great? Reach out to me on FB or Twitter.

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