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How Much Was My Raya Spending in 2017? Exactly RM2,095

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Selamat Hari Raya! Please forgive my many, many mistakes so far ye tengkiu lapchu.

I’ve written a couple of blogposts about Raya so far, namely:

But I’ve never written a post-Raya spending post-mortem, so that’s what I’m going to do. 2017 was my first Raya where money wasn’t an issue, so I was curious how it compared to previous Raya spending experiences. This is what I spent on this year.

#1 – Baju Raya

Spent: RM150 on an outfit

This was a splurge purchase that ticked many feel-good boxes. It’s partly ‘eh why not I haven’t bought a new Raya outfit in years’, partly to finally own a normal-size baju raya (as opposed to plus size) and partly to support my sister’s business, especially after she just made a tiny human. (To everyone confused, a baby. She made a baby.)

It’s a practical outfit, too – can be mixed and matched with my existing wardrobe. Got the below in grey/blue. For second day of Hari Raya, I borrowed a regular top and skirt from my mum. RM0. It’s just to wear to the graveyard, the dead don’t want no fashion show. 

baju raya 2017

I still maintain that all this ‘it’s sunat to buy new Raya outfit every year’ is kinda bullshit and repeated to justify our consumerist culture. It’s OK if it’s the only new outfit you get all year, but for most of us, it’s not. The justification for this opinion is in this post:  My Raya 2016 Budget Checklist (What’s Yours?)

Siderant: During Raya, saw a TV show that glorified a local celebrity’s over-the-top baju raya spending. She got over 100 pairs! I mean, your money, do what you want and all, but I can’t help but to judge. I hated that it was promoted as her measure of success, it brings the wrong message. Idk, what do you guys think?

#2 – Kuih Raya

Spent: RM132 for 4 boxes of pineapple tart

Set myself a budget of RM150 for Raya cookies. Ex-colleague sells pineapple tarts. Asked how much I can get for RM150. 4 boxes. Includes delivery. Done.

#3 – Duit raya

Spent: RM1480

I gave duit raya to close family members, but the bulk of it went, to put simply, to people who took care of me and wiped my shit when I was a baby. I appreciate that, after my recent encounter with fresh baby shit. Wtf it’s so yellow why is it so yellow.

Duit raya has a subtle message, too, when given to people who took care of me. It says, Mum, look, I earn enough to take care of myself and you as well. I think that’s why it’s expected for Malay people to give out duit raya when they start working, regardless of marital status.

Found this gem of a comic strip from the HXSM page. Made me lol. For those celebrating Deepavali, don’t complain too much. This means you’re not obligated to give out money when you’re older as well!

#4 – Ramadan bazaar food

Spent: RM43

Added because I bought them in Raya spirit. Can lah. Went 3 times – twice at the USJ4 one, once at the Shah Alam one. Both were great.

I got:

  • Apam balik chocolate chip (10/10 would recommend)
  • Apam balik pandan pulut hitam (meh)
  • Gulai ikan keli salai (9/10) with white rice
  • Putu piring
  • Honey wings
  • Probably the best kuey teow goreng basah in my life. Kicking myself for not remembering the name of the booth. I’m going to seek them out next Ramadan
  • And other bits and pieces not memorable enough to include here, sadly. No food poisoning so I’m thankful though

#5 – Travel to kampung

Spent: RM100

Contributed and topped up the Touch N Go card for the family carpool. The cost is low if compared to everyone else’s flight/train/bus/car rental costs. 

Sidenote: Loved Uber and Grab’s many promotions during Ramadan. It was amazing.

#6 – Misc donations

Spent: RM190

For mom’s gardening fees and tip to that KFC Malay cashier guy worked on the second day of Hari Raya. He was friendly and helpful despite the long lines and big orders. People like that, with great work attitude, will go far.  I mean when was the last time your fast food cashier impressed you?

Total raya spending in 2017: RM2,095


As compared to previous Raya spending, I notice that I’m beginning to value convenience a lot. For example, if baju raya or kuih raya didn’t include delivery, I’m not buying it. I didn’t have the motivation to go out of my way to get it.

With food, I mostly still cooked at home to save money. For bazaar food, I didn’t let much go to waste. The only thing I threw away after a few bites was the apam balik pandan pulut hitam, and only because I didn’t realise it was pandan flavouring. I mean I like pandan but hate pandan flavouring. The same way I like fresh peach but hate peach flavouring. You probably have this quirk too for other flavours. Don’t lie.

Well, that’s it for my raya spending post-mortem. How much did you spend for yours? Anything you wished you spent more/less on?

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  1. Hi Suraya,
    Spent thousands of rm … well I guess its all for good cause, baju raya for family members n not to mention duit raya, raya collection to buy food for the entire stay at kampung (we collect certain amount of money among siblings to finance raya celebration), a little money for a cousin’s sob to attend an interview all the way from Langkawi to Grik n etc ..

    1. Hi Noor, Money for good cause is money well spent 🙂 As long as your emergency fund is still healthy you should be good!

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